Immunity remains a primary concern for consumers seeking to protect themselves from pathogens, while maintaining general health and wellness. Over the course of 2022, Prepared Foods developed dozens of articles, podcasts, videos and infographics about food and beverage product development in the immunity space.

Here six items that the Prepared Foods community found most compelling in the past year.

The Power of Immunity

With the increased consumer interest in immune health, product developers are focusing on ingredients for helping to maintain, support, or boost immunity more than ever before. According to a 2020 Probiotic Survey by the FMCG Gurus research arm of M&R Insights Ltd., the number of consumers in North American stating that they purchased probiotic products in the 12-month pre-Pandemic period between 2018 and 2020 rose from 45% to 61%.

Such immune health ingredients generally fall into six main categories: probiotics, protein, botanicals, fungi, pre-and postbiotics, micronutrients and lipid-based nutraceuticals. Of these, the most heavily studied and well-researched are the probiotic bacteria, the prebiotic fibers that feed them, and the new class of digestive health ingredients known as “postbiotics.”

Immunity, Gut Health Trends Drive Formulations with Dietary Fibers and Gums

AppleSnack_TreeTop_780.jpgFibers and gums have always been healthful superheroes. And like the superheroes of fiction, they also live dual lives. The prebiotic powerhouses have been enjoying a high profile lately, based on their connection to gut health and, in turn, their contribution to building and maintaining a strong immune system.

Overall, decades of research have connected increased fiber consumption to a wealth of health benefits. The range is as comprehensive as heart health, reduced cancer risk, better blood sugar management, lower cholesterol, mental well-being, cognitive health, and even better dental health and reduced risk of dementia.

Pre-, Pro-, Syn-, and Post-Biotics; To Immunity and Beyond!

Gholam_Podcast.jpgIn this interview, Dr. Devon Gholam discusses ingredient trends in new product development for immune support.

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Immunity Continues to be a Top Consumer Concern

Global research group MarketWatch closed out 2021 by projecting the global Immunity Support Ingredients market will reach nearly $21 billion by 2026, a more than 70% jump from 2020’s $15.5 billion and reflecting a steady CAGR of 5.1%.

Immunity Innovation

Barbara Brueckner ShpiznerPrepared Foods Editor Bob Garrison talks immunity-focused products and ingredients with Barbara Brueckner Shpizner, Vice President, Innovation at Mattson, a third-party innovation consultant in Foster City, Calif. Since the advent of COVID-19 in early 2020, consumers have learning more about immunity and looking for immune health related benefits in new finished foods and beverages. Brueckner discusses consumers’ growing understanding and attitudes toward immunity. She also shares examples of new immunity-related finished products and trending ingredients that formulators need to know for now—and in 2023 and beyond.

Immunity Ingredients Trending in Beverage Formulation

Consumers continue to seek products to support immune health. Erin Costello, Imbibe, shares her expert insight about ingredients that have proven foundational to the success of functional beverage formulations.

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