BIOLYTE announced the debut of its latest flavor, Punch. Joining the existing four flavors (Citrus, Berry, Tropical and 2022 newcomer Melon), the new blend packs a punch with a fruity, nostalgic combination of flavors with notes of cherry, pineapple, orange and a hint of lemon.

With one bottle offering 6.5x the amount of electrolytes as leading sports drinks and only one-third of the sugar, BIOLYTE is a remedy for dehydration. Delivering the same hydration benefits as a full, medical-grade IV bag – at a fraction of the cost – BIOLYTE helps the body recover, replenish and rehydrate more efficiently than water. Whether battling symptoms of sickness like nausea, fatigue and aches, needing a detox from a night of overindulgence, or refueling after a sweaty workout, it is an answer for when a boost is required.

Created by Atlanta anesthesiologist and pain specialist Dr. Luther "Trey" Rollins as a dehydration remedy for his wife, Jeannine, who was battling breast cancer at the time, BIOLYTE is an Atlanta-based, family-owned brand. Best enjoyed cold, the 90% water-based beverage not only rehydrates the body without spiking blood sugar, but also supports the immune system, helps wash away viruses and regulates the body's natural core temperature.