Prepared Foodsand its NutraSolutionsbrand present this annual “Ingredients for Health” guide. It profiles commercially available ingredients and helps developers and formulators target various health benefits. From ingredients such as chia seed and red tomato for antioxidant supplementation, to the colors, flavors and textures that make nutraceutical products attractive and palatable, this section presents a comprehensive range of new offerings.

Categories include:

Antioxidants for Health

Bone & Joint Health

Cardiovascular Health

Cognitive Health

Digestive Health

Energy and/or Sports Performance


Weight Management

General Health


Pulse Proteins

VITESSENCE pulse proteins can help transform food and beverages into nutritional powerhouses. They are derived from pulses including peas, lentils, and faba beans and are non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, and halal. In addition to their value as a plant source of protein and fiber, they are low in fat and calories and high in minerals such as iron, zinc, and phosphorus. VITESSENCE pulse proteins also can be an allergen replacement for soy, wheat, dairy, and egg-based ingredients in applications ranging from bakery, snacks, noodles/pasta, dairy, nutritional bars and breakfast cereals.

— Ingredion Incorporated,


Healthy Aging

BODYBALANCE Bioactive Collagen Peptides fight the onset of sarcopenia. In combination with resistance training these specific collagen peptides significantly increase muscle mass and strength and decrease fat mass. These effects have been confirmed in the new study performed at the Institute of Sports and Sports Science at the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Gelita USA,


Sleep, Relaxation

Lactium is a patented hydrolysate of milk proteins that contain a bioactive peptide with relaxing properties that regulate stress that has five clinicals.  In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial published in the Journal of International Medical Research, a product called Target 1 featuring Lactium helped significantly decrease symptoms of burnout. A four-week study on healthy volunteers with difficulty sleeping showed that 150mg Lactium daily improved sleep duration and efficiency, especially in those with moderate anxiety or depression.  Lactium was also shown to reduce daytime sleepiness. Globally, this versatile ingredient is featured in chocolate and hot beverage mixes.

Pharmachem Laboratories Inc.,


Premix for Gluten-Free

Watson’s new VitaBOOST10 is a vitamin and mineral premix specifically formulated to compliment gluten-free products. For those who suffer from a digestive disorder, it can be especially important to eat a balanced diet, choosing foods that are a good source of vitamins and minerals. VitaBOOST10 is a vitamin-mineral premix that contains 10 essential vitamins and minerals that dieticians recommend those with celiac disease and other digestive disorders make a part of their regular diet. Perfect for all gluten-free applications, VitaBOOST10 is formulated to provide 15% of the daily value of these vitamins and minerals per serving. All Watson nutritional premixes are formulated with assay-verified ingredients and undergo physical and chemical tests by validated analytical procedures. All of Watson’s gluten-free products, including this premix, are certified gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group.

Watson Inc.,


Male Enhancer

Nexira’s Enostim is a unique and proprietary formulation of active ingredients, apple and grape polyphenols, enriched with saffron. It has been specifically developed to offer a natural and safe solution for erectile dysfunction. The Nitric Oxide (NO) pathway is the cornerstone of the vasodilation mechanism allowing penile erection. In vitro and ex vivo studies show that Nexira’s proprietary formulation activates eNOS (endothelial Nitric Oxide synthase) by the production of NO which conducts to an increase of vasodilation up to 50%. An ancient medicine, saffron’s ability to prevent erectile dysfunction has been demonstrated in several clinical studies. Nitric oxide has a short lifespan and is easily degraded by superoxide free radical. As shown in an in vivo study, the antioxidant molecules in EnoSTIM demonstrated the potential to specifically protect NO by decreasing oxidative stress by 74%.



Tart Cherries Aid Sleep

Disturbing sleep patterns have an impact on a person’s overall health and are considered risk factors for obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health problems. Research indicates that tart cherry juice may help improve the quality and duration of sleep, reduce the severity of insomnia and increase overall sleep efficiency. Tart cherries are one of the few natural sources of melatonin. Researchers believe it’s the combination of melatonin and the anthocyanins in tart cherries that might aid sleep.

— Cherry Marketing Institute,


UTI Help

Nearly half of all women in the world will suffer from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) at least once in their lifetime. Cultivated in North America, cranberries are well-known for their therapeutic potential against UTIs. Naturex has developed Pacran, a 100% all natural full spectrum cranberry ingredient, supported by clinical studies and international health claims. A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study shows that daily consumption of 500mg of Pacran significantly reduces recurrent UTIs. From strong peer-reviewed clinical results to government sanctioned health claims, Pacran’s unique full spectrum cranberry formula delivers the cranberry industry’s most robust substantiation.



Protein Plus Fiber

Quinoa offers more protein and fiber than other common grains. In addition, it is a complete vegetarian protein that is gluten-free. It is most commonly added to foods as whole seed or powder, but BI also offers Quinoa Flakes and Quinoa Crisps. Quinoa Crisps are a unique form of Quinoa that provides similar nutritional value as the whole seed but in an exciting and crunchy format with a similar flavor profile as crispy rice cereal.

— BI Nutraceuticals,


Powder Solutions

Stepan Lipid Nutrition’s expansive powder portfolio can be formulated within a variety of applications for nutritional products, sports nutrition, medical foods, baked goods and bars. The portfolio includes Clarinol CLA, a microencapsulated oil in free-flowing powder form with a high concentration of CLA in the form of triglycerides. Marinol Omega-3 Triglycerides is a concentrated, pre-metabolized and naturally structured omega-3 formulation, made using a gentle, proprietary purification process. NEOBEE Medium Chain Triglycerides are produced using glycerol from vegetable sources and medium-chain fatty acids from coconut or palm kernel oil, available in both 50% and 70% powders.

— Stepan Lipid Nutrition,


Encapsulated iron 

AB-Fortis encapsulated iron successfully overcomes the biggest iron fortification challenges in food processing such us metallic taste, high reactivity (oxidation) and unpleasant gastro-intestinal tract side-effects. This encapsulated iron ingredient allows the fortification of foods without changing their appearance, palatability or taste. AB-Fortis is stable to high pressures and temperatures and is highly bioavailable as shown by a human clinical study. AB-Fortis is produced by a patented manufacturing process, which provides stable encapsulation that leads to a minimal release of free iron in the food matrix. The spherical gelation of ferric saccharate by calcium alginate results in an encapsulated iron salt with a high iron content (40%).



Strategic Nutrition

With consumer appetite for better-for-you, as well as lifestyle focused products continuing to grow, Fortitech Premixes by DSM offer manufacturers a way to differentiate their products from the competition through fortification. Fortitech Premixes used this year’s IFT to demonstrate a RTD beauty-from-within beverage, featuring FloraGlo Lutein; and additional prototypes designed to feature premix formulations. These included a rice milk for bone/joint health, almond butter for endurance, cereal for kids’ health, a breakfast biscuit for satiety, pasta for heart health and a healthy aging supplement. Having pioneered and developed the field of custom nutrient premixes, Fortitech’s worldwide technical team can assist manufacturers in incorporating any nutrient into any application anywhere in the world.  With a stringent allergen monitoring program, these premixes meet cGMP, GMO-free, HACCP, organic, kosher and halal standards.

— Fortitech Premixes by DSM,


Whole Plant Protein

FutureCeuticals introduces Terasante, a new line of whole food plant proteins. Guaranteed at a minimum 20% plant protein in a natural whole food matrix, Terasante features some of Mother Nature’s most densely nutritious foods, organically grown leafy greens and organically sprouted legumes. Terasante organic and conventional greens blends deliver beneficial whole food protein, and organic sprouted legumes deliver whole food protein from one of the longest-cultivated plants in history. Terasante is perfect for marketers looking to capitalize on the whole foods trend and the protein trend in the marketplace, and makes it easy for formulators to rely upon a consistent, predictable, and standardized material from a trusted supplier.



Help Skin, Nails

Cynatine HNS is a revolutionary cosmeceutical ingredient comprised of functional keratin, a protein found naturally in the body. Cynatine HNS supplements the body with bio-available Keratin, which aids in protecting and repairing damaged hair, nails and skin. Cynatine HNS is clinically proven to be effective at 500mg per day.

— Roxlor International LLC,


Compressible Sweeteners

Watson Inc. introduces a new EZ-Press line of directly compressible sweeteners for use in high quality chewable and smooth melt supplement tablets. Watson’s new EZ-Press sweeteners are formulated and produced to promote exceptional flow of product in the hopper and uniform fill in the dies. The cohesive properties of EZ-Press Sweeteners result in firm tablets and minimized friability. Tablets manufactured with Watson’s EZ-Press line of sweeteners exhibit good disintegration properties and uniform dosage.  Watson’s EZ-Press line of sweeteners includes individual directly compressible sweeteners, customized combination blends of sweeteners, drum-to-hopper Chewable Tablet Starter Bases, and smooth dissolve bases.

Watson Inc.,


Vitamins, Amino Acids

PAT Vitamins proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary. PAT started 20 years ago with the first vitamin ingredient: ascorbic acid powder. We have gradually grown our line to include many value-added ingredients, including 1%-10% trituration, granulation, micronized to finer mesh powder, microencapsulation, and spray dried cold water dispersible. Today we offer a complete line of high quality vitamins, sport nutrition amino acids and non-GMO project verified ingredients.

PAT Vitamins,


Skin Health

VERISOL Bioactive Collagen Peptides substantially increase skin elasticity and prevent the formation of wrinkles by stimulating skin metabolism and the formation of new collagen. Administered orally, scientifically proven VERISOL influences the skin’s matrix from the inside. By increasing the dermis density VERISOL also reduces the signs of cellulite. Produced from native collagen, VERISOL features excellent bioavailability and can easily be incorporated into nutria-cosmetics, functional foods, beverages, and pharmaceutical-like applications such as capsules or fortified gummies.

Gelita USA,


Green Pea Protein

Axiom Foods used SupplySide West to introduce its first neutral-tasting green pea protein. Peas are 100% vegan, rich in iron, allergen-friendly and easily digestible. Peas are more soluble and viscous than most other plant proteins. Taste issues with pea protein also have been alleviated. Axiom’s green pea protein is one of the most neutral-tasting protein powders available.  Pea protein coagulates and thickens when added to water and does not foam like soy protein. Consider pea protein in dairy-free milks and ice creams, baked goods, granola bars, pasta, mayonnaise and even processed fish, meat, meat-substitute and egg products. Axiom fractions organic allergen friendly ingredients from rice, pea, oats, and sacha inchi. Axiom’s signature Oryzatein is the only patent-pending whole grain brown rice protein with clinically backed claims.

—Axiom Foods,


Healthy Solutions

Lugo Nutrition offers a broad line of general and specialty health ingredients. The line includes NanoQ10, a solubilized nano grade Coenzyme Q10 powder; and MecobalActive, a bioactive form of vitamin B12. Clinically supported health ingredients that target cognitive, digestive, heart and bone health also are available.

— Lugo Nutrition Inc.,