teaRIOT is an organic, 100% plant-powered energy containing fresh-brewed tea and botanical ingredients. It provides a the buzz of coffee or traditional energy drinks without added sugar, questionable ingredients or extreme doses of caffeine.

Blending simple ingredients, teaRIOT taps the energizing power of tea to fuel personal performance with a combination of naturally occurring caffeine and 100mg L-theanine (“el-thee-ah-neen”) an amino acid found naturally in tea. L-theanine has a synergistic effect with caffeine to provide the steady, calm energy tea is known for, while simultaneously helping to improve mental alertness and focus.  

With no jitters, no crash and hardworking, easily recognizable ingredients, teaRIOT is an organic, positive-energy tea that keeps you going, powers workouts and enables consumers to stay focused while studying, gaming, or working.

Found in the refrigerated beverage case with a retail price of $3.99, teaRIOT is available in five flavors, including:

• Hibiscus Glow (Energy + Antioxidants): Bright and berry-like with a zing
• Matcha Rise (Energy + Focus): Light and tropical with a hint of mint
• Lemon Yerba Mate (Energy + Hydration): Citrusy with extra sidekick of refreshment
• Cider Kick (Energy + Immunity): Slightly sweet with rolling layers of spice
• Turmeric Shine (Energy + Anti-inflammation): Light and bright with a bold dash of mother earth

teaRIOT was recently selected to participate in the Chobani Incubator, a program for companies taking on food systems to bring better food to more people. Chobani saw teaRIOT as a needed disruptor for better energy.