Rachel Cheatham, Ph.D
Founder & CEO
Foodscape Group LLC

Philip Saneski
Vice President-Product

Chef Kang Kuan
Culinary Ninja 
Tyson Food Innovation Lab

Caroline Cotto
Chief Operating Officer
Renewal Mill

Up to 40% of food goes to waste in the United States. This simple yet shocking statistic that made headlines back in 2012 helped fuel a forward-thinking group of entrepreneurs who are today turning edible by-products that would otherwise go to waste into profitable food and beverage products that consumers love. Dive into the world of upcycled ingredients with Philip Saneski, Vice President of Product at ReGrained; Chef Kang Kuan, Culinary Ninja at Tyson Innovation Lab; and Caroline Cotto, Chief Operating Officer at Renewal Mill.

ReGrained LLC ( uses spent beer brewing grains to create new snacks including snack bars. Tyson Innovation Lab, Chicago, uses upcycled chicken breast, upcycled beer grains and rescued vegetable purees to create its Yappah! protein crisps ( For its part, Renewal Mill ( Oakland, Calif., uses organic soybean pulp to create okara finished flours and bakery foods.

Come hear Saneski, Chef Kuan and Cotto discuss this fast growing segment and supply chain with special guest Moderator Dr. Rachel Cheatham, founder of Foodscape Group.

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