Om Mushroom Superfood, a producer of high quality functional mushroom powders, beverages and supplements, is expanding its portfolio with the launch of Morning Energy Blend.  

Om Mushroom Superfood Morning Energy Blend contains two species of Cordyceps, plus Vitamin D2 from Agaricus bisporus to support energy, vitality and mood. Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola promote focus, Turkey Tail and King Trumpet provide immune support, and Reishi and Chaga provide balance and antioxidants. Each serving contains only 30 calories and 1g of sugar with no added sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors. And like many of Om’s products, Morning Energy Blend is USDA Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, vegan and gluten-free. To enjoy the new beverage, simply add one sachet or scoop to 8oz of hot or cold water, milk or milk alternative, and stir or froth.

Alongside individual sachets, Morning Energy Blend will be available Om’s new biodegradable, 30-serving, thoughtfully designed canister format that was unveiled for its line of functional beverages in September. The approachable, colorful and easy to understand packaging is size optimized and designed to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, Om Mushroom Superfood has optimized the packaging for its 10-count box of individual drink sachets, which are now made using 40% less plastic and 100% recycled content paperboard.

Morning Energy Blend will be available direct-to-consumers nationwide in October in a 10-count box of single-serve sachets for $19.99 and in a new multi-serve canister (30 servings) for $37.99. Om Mushroom Superfood’s entire portfolio of powders, capsules, drink mixes, broths and more are available nationwide natural and specialty retailers, like Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Fresh Thyme, in grocery stores and online at, Amazon, iHerb, Thrive Market and Vitacost.