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As marketers of conventional foods, functional foods and dietary supplements pour over data looking for new product opportunities that answer consumer needs, foods and beverages that address health issues, often specific health conditions, come to the forefront.

For several years, NutraSolutions, part of the Prepared Foods family of branded products, has offered an "Ingredients for Health Reference" that segments commercially available ingredients into various health conditions. Additionally, readers are offered updates and data on relevant research. The categories are as follows:
* Antioxidants for Health
* Bone and Joint Health
* Cancer: Reducing Risk
* Cardiovascular Health
* Cognitive Health
* Diabetic Benefits
* Digestive Health
* Energy and/or Sports Performance
* Eye Health
* Immunity Enhancement
* Weight Management and
* General Health.

Nearly three quarters of shoppers agree on the importance of antioxidant-rich foods for the reduction of disease risk, according to the "2009 HealthFocus International Trend Report." And, their actions support this belief, with 83% saying they use antioxidants and nearly a quarter admitting to increasing their intake in the past two years. These shoppers also look for labels claiming "good source of antioxidants.î

While reported interest in antioxidants, in general, has remained fairly constant and high (~80%), focus on some specific antioxidant ingredients has jumped in the past two years. Both dark chocolate and green tea for antioxidant protection are generating more interest. High-antioxidant Superfruits, tomatoes and whole grains are on the radar for shoppers seeking out antioxidant benefits, as well. These foods are being consumed at increasing rates by consumers wanting specifically to reduce their risk of disease. Though less well-known, shoppers are aware of wine polyphenols/resveratrol and flavonoids.
-- Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* Phytonutrients for Good Health
According to the National Cancer Institute, diets rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke and cancer. Scientists believe compounds found in fruits and vegetables, known as phytonutrients, may be responsible for these profound health benefits. GNT's NUTRIFOODTM fruit and vegetable extracts offer an easy way to incorporate the benefits of whole fruits and vegetables in a variety of applications. Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, NUTRIFOOD extracts are conveniently offered in both liquid and powder form, are kosher-certified and completely additive- and preservative-free. GNT USA Inc., Jeannette O’Brien, 914-524-0600, jobrien@gntusa.com, www.gntusa.com

* Good-for-you Blues
Wild Blueberries are a powerful, anti-aging Superfruit with more antioxidant capacity per serving than most other fruit ingredients. Linked to a wide range of potential health benefits--from promoting brain and heart health to combating cancer and Alzheimer’s disease--wild blueberries add health functionality and a distinctive appeal to new products. Wild blueberries are available year-round in a variety of forms, including frozen, dried, powder, extract or concentrate. Wild Blueberry Association of North America, 207-570-3535, wildblueberries@gwi.net, www.wildblueberries.com

* Chia Benefits
Benexia Omega-3 Chia is an organic, gluten-free, ancient  grain, and it is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Seeds typically contain 20% protein, 34% oil and 25% dietary fiber. Benexia is also a super-antioxidant, delivering a high ORAC value. The health benefits include cardiovascular, brain and immune system support, as well as support of a healthy inflammatory response. Benexia Chia is the only ISO-certified source for highest purity and quality. It is available in bulk seed, sprouted seed, milled seed, flour and oil. It is ideal for drink mixes and bars and incorporates easily into other foods. Proprietary Nutritionals Inc., dean@pnibrands.com, www.pnibrands.com

 * Blueberries' Bounty
With fruity, burst-in-the-mouth flavor and a healthy profile, blueberries give products lush taste, broad appeal and a clean label. Virtually fat-free and low in sodium, carbohydrates and cholesterol, blueberries are a delicious source of vitamin C and manganese. Fresh fruits, including blueberries, contain many naturally occurring antioxidants and, consequently, are a good choice for consumers looking to protect their bodies against the damaging effects of free radicals and chronic diseases associated with the aging process. A wide range of formats allows formulators to incorporate blueberries in many ways, including healthy breads, beauty-from-within snacks, bars and pastries. U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, www.blueberry.org, bberry@blueberry.org

* Red Wine Grapes for Protection
BioVin is a full-spectrum grape extract manufactured from whole red wine grapes from France’s Rhone Valley. By using the grape in its entirety, all beneficial phytochemicals can be extracted, including anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins, trans-resveratrol and polyphenols. BioVin delivers powerful antioxidant content, which in turn provides cardiovascular protection and may also help poor capillary elasticity and structure, by inhibiting harmful enzymes. The branded ingredient is also available as BioVin 20, which contains no less than 20% polyphenols. Both offerings are GRAS for use in functional foods and beverages. Cyvex Nutrition, Matt Phillips, 949-622-9030, sales@cyvex.com, www.cyvex.com

* Tea Research
A. Holliday & Company carries a wide range of tea antioxidants, including the most potent antioxidant found in tea--EGCG--in a wide range of purities. EGCG’s benefits have been associated with decreasing conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and some forms of cancer. The company’s TEAWELL 50 (EGCG 50%) was part of a research study done at McGill University. Results showed TEAWELL 50 protects brain cells. EGCG can be used in a variety of formulations, such as yogurt, beverages, supplements, pet foods and beauty products. A. Holliday & Company Inc., 416-225-2217, www.teacoff.com

* Grape Seed Extracts as Antioxidants
Gravinol is self-affirmed GRAS and can be used for the formulation of functional bars, cereals, beverages and pasta products. It is the only grape seed extract patented for use in protein-based food products. Three distinct levels of antioxidants are offered: Gravinol-N, Regular Grade (40% purity); Gravinol-T, Beverage Grade (28% purity); and Gravinol-S, Premium Grade (95% purity). Kikkoman Sales USA, www.kikkomanusa.com

* Natural Rosemary Extract
Slovenia-based Vitiva, represented by P.L. Thomas, manufactures an extensive line of high-performance rosemary extracts. Vitiva's rosemary extracts are powerful, natural antioxidants with a broad range of applications in the dietary supplement, food and beverage industries. Quantities are custom-manufactured for applications in aqueous and/or lipid systems. The Vitiva line has been developed to offer maximum advantages of natural antioxidants, while minimizing odor and taste issues. Benefits of the line include: prevents rancidity or lipid peroxidation of unsaturated fats and oils; stabilizes color in food and beverage products; non-GMO, kosher-certified and GRAS; and soluble in water, oil or alcohol. P.L. Thomas, 973-984-0900, ext. 214, plt@plthomas.com, www.plthomas.com

Bone and Joint Health
Not surprisingly, older shoppers are clearly the most concerned about bone and joint health and are the most affected by related problems. But, it is the 18-29-year-olds, over one half of them, who report the highest interest in foods that offer the benefit of promoting healthier and stronger bones. Similarly, more of these younger shoppers are also interested in products that offer to support healthier and more flexible joints.

Interestingly, the youngest shoppers are almost as likely as those 65 and over to regularly choose foods because they are good sources of calcium. However, it may be the oldest shoppers who are more knowledgeable about nutrient combinations for bone health, as it is this group that is most likely to also choose foods that are good sources of vitamin D. 

In fact, the share of shoppers who report they are increasing their use of vitamin D doubled between 2004-2008. Fewer report increasing their use of calcium in 2008, but this is probably due to the large number of shoppers who reported doing so over the past decade. The use of specialty supplements, such as glucosamine, is at an all-time high, with 30% reporting usage of specialty supplements in 2008.

Knowledge is not limited to the oldest shoppers, when it comes to the relationship of inflammation and joint problems. All age groups similarly report agreement with the statement: Certain foods can help reduce inflammation, the cause of heart and joint problems.
-- Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* Mussel Powder for Joint Protection
Pernatec Greenshell Mussel powder, from Waitaki Biosciences, is harvested from only the highest quality Greenshell Mussels, ensuring that all active nutrients are preserved in their naturally occurring ratios. To protect these components from oxidation during processing--from the raw, frozen state through drying, packing and storage--a gentle freezing technique and premium stabilization technology are applied. In recent studies, Pernatec demonstrated 67% less oxidization compared to an untreated control, when tested in an accelerated shelflife environment. This ensures Pernatec delivers the powerful joint protection nature intended. Waitaki Biosciences, Sue Finderup, sue.finderup@waitakibio.co.nz, www.waitakibio.com

* Importance of Daily D
Recent scientific studies have raised greater public awareness and nutritional interest in vitamin D3. It is commonly known that vitamin D deficiency can lead to a range of health problems, including cardiovascular problems, convulsions, general ill health, poor tooth formation and stunted growth. With spray-dry and microencapsulated processes, PAT Vitamins offers both vitamin D2 and D3 with great stability. The company carries, as regular inventory, the CWD Powder, beadlets/granular and oil forms of vitamin D. Strong science supports these high-quality products. PAT Vitamins Inc., 626-810-8886, info@PATVitamins.com, www.PATVitamins.com

* Natural Mobility
InterHealth’s UC-II natural collagen concentrate helps improve joint mobility, flexibility and overall joint comfort. Just 40mg per day has been shown to be more than twice as effective as 1,500mg of glucosamine + 1,200mg of chondroitin, in a peer-reviewed, published, randomized double-blind study. UC-II has been granted GRAS designation for food and beverage formulations and is sourced and manufactured in the U.S. UC-II is the perfect joint-health ingredient for a variety of foods and beverages, as well as stick packs and shots. InterHealth Nutraceuticals, 707-751-2800, www.interhealthusa.com

* Calcium for Every Need
Albion has developed a line of calcium compounds with the chemical, physical and sensory properties to fit specific fortification requirements. DimaCal (dicalcium malate) is shown to be well-absorbed and well-tolerated in solid dosage formulations, such as tablets and capsules. When used to fortify baked goods, DimaCal demonstrates good organoleptic properties. Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM) is a multi-patented form that is well-suited as a fortificant in fruit juices, bottled water and other beverages. Lastly, Calci-K complex is designed to fortify liquid food products, especially dairy or soy-based products, infant foods, margarine and other products of neutral pH. Albion Human Nutrition, 800-222-0733, www.AlbionMinerals.com/calcium

* For Optimum Bone Health
U.S.-made OptiMSM is a premium form of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) trademarked and sold into the dietary supplement marketplace. OptiMSM is a naturally-occurring organic sulfur source, displaying a variety of health-promoting benefits. Several pre-clinical and clinical studies support the efficacy of MSM in supporting joint health and range of motion. Research shows MSM down-regulates inflammatory markers that damage cartilage, as people age, and protects its integrity. Bergstrom Nutrition, 888-733-5676, info@bergstrom nutrition.com, www.bergstromnutrition.com

* Joint Precision Mixes
Watson's Custom Nutritional Premixes can be formulated with precise combinations of micro- and macro-nutrients shown to be beneficial for cardiovascular health and specifically designed to suit many unique food products. Each nutrient component is pre-scaled and precision-blended into a pre-mix. Specific product formulations include A acetate, A palmitate, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, glucosamine potassium sulfate, glucosamine sulfate sodium, selenium amino acid chelate, vitamin E and many more. Watson Inc., 800-388-3481, www.watson-inc.com

* Salts for Bone Health
Jungbunzlauer Special Salts comprise a unique range of high-purity organic sources of calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc derived from citric or gluconic acid. These organic mineral salts get support from health claims legislation worldwide. On top of their high bioavailability, they tout specific benefits, such as bone health. Tricalcium citrate has proven to be one of the most effective calcium salts supporting bone health and weight loss; calcium lactate gluconate is a highly absorbable salt that fights calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. Jungbunzlauer, www.jungbunzlauer.com

* Protect and Rebuild
Cynatine FLX is a revolutionary joint-care ingredient comprised of solubilized keratin, a protein found naturally in the body. Cynatine FLX supplements the body with bioavailable keratin, which aids in protecting and rebuilding damaged joints. While other joint-care products require large dosages and multiple ingredients, Cynatine FLX is effective as a stand-alone product at 500mg per day. Roxlor International, 302-778-4166, info@roxlor.com, www.roxlor.com

Cancer: Reducing Risk
Now, more than ever, shoppers agree with the statement: If I take the right actions, I have a very good chance of avoiding cancer.î And, given that cancer, along with heart disease, has topped the list of health concerns over the years, this display of confidence is notable. 

Again, it is the 18-29-year-old cohort who is most apt to look to diet as a means of treating or avoiding disease; in this case, 52% of them say so, when it comes to cancer.  But, age is irrelevant for the health benefit, "Helps reduce risk of cancer." Just under half of all shoppers in the "2009 HealthFocus Trend Report" say they are extremely interested in foods that could offer this promise.

Shoppers do not seem to be too selective in choice of ingredient, when it comes to cancer prevention. More than a third of shoppers say they are extremely interested in the role of antioxidants, lycopene, whole grains, vitamin D and soy, with regard to cancer prevention. The percentage jumps to over three quarters, when those who are at least somewhat interested are included.

A recent report published in Nutrition and Cancer reviewed observational studies that examined the relationship between consumption of a Mediterranean diet and cancer risk. Ten out of the 12 studies examined showed a positive association, leading the authors to suggest a probable protective role of this diet in cancer prevention. Few shoppers report adherence to a Mediterranean diet. But, whereas only 18% say they do so on a regular basis, many more are saying they are increasing their intake of olive oil, nuts, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Additionally, 82% of shoppers are interested in the cancer-preventing chemicals in fruits, vegetables and grains.
Verberne L, et al. Association between the Mediterranean diet and cancer risk: a review of observational studies. Nutr Cancer. 2010 Oct; 62(7):860-70.
--Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* Fatty Fish and Cancer Protection
The heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids abundant in fatty fish, like salmon and sardines, may help protect the kidneys against cancer, new research suggests. A 15-year Swedish study of women looked at fatty and lean fish consumption and the risk of kidney cancer. It found those who ate high amounts of fatty fish--more than one serving/week--had 44% less risk for developing renal cell carcinoma (the most common form of kidney cancer) than those who did not consume any fish. The findings were published in the Sept. 20, 2010, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The results seem to support the hypothesis that frequent consumption of fatty fish may lower the risk of renal cell cancer, possibly due to increased intake of fish rich in eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaeneoic acid, as well as vitamin D.
From the October 4, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition; for the entire article, go to: http://bit.ly/9Rpomv.

* Grape Seed's Anti-cancer Benefits
In a newly published report in Journal of Nutrition, several epidemiological studies were cited, showing populations that consume diets rich in fruits and vegetables have an overall lower cancer incidence. Fruits and vegetables represent untapped reservoirs of various nutritive and non-nutritive phytochemicals with potential cancer chemopreventive activity. "Grapes and grape-based products are one such class of dietary products that have shown cancer chemopreventive potential and are also known to improve overall human health. This review focuses on recent advancements in cancer chemopreventive and anti-cancer efficacy of grape seed extract and other grape-based products," wrote M. Kaur and colleagues, University of Colorado, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
From the October 4, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition.For the entire article, go to: http://bit.ly/9prPQs.

Cardiovascular Disease
Heart disease remains at the top of the list of health concerns in the U.S. and globally, with 62% of shoppers in the "2009 HealthFocus International Trend Report" expressing high concern. It is no wonder concern is so intense when, according to the American Heart Association in their "2010 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics," heart disease affects more than 1 in 3 Americans. 

Diet is viewed by many as a means of maintaining cardiovascular health. But, while younger shoppers, aged 18-29, are much more inclined to believe dietary changes can help treat or reduce their risk for heart disease, they are the least likely to report maintaining a heart-healthy diet or increasing their use of heart-healthy ingredients, such as olive oil, nuts, red wine and fish oil. This is probably because they are the least concerned about or affected by problems with heart health.

Overall interest in ingredients for heart health is high. Omega-3 fatty acids and plant sterols have risen to an all-time high this year--80 and 68% of shoppers, respectively, while the heart-health benefits of wine polyphenols/resveratrol and almonds are of interest to as many as 75% of shoppers.

Shoppers are being selective about the types of oils being consumed to reduce disease risk, with 60% saying they have increased use of olive oil in the past two years, but only 24% report increased intake of fish oil.  A recent analysis in Nutrition Research Reviews (Bester, D, et al. 2010) describes the benefits of edible oils, such as olive and fish oil, on cardiovascular health, showing each has its own distinct protective properties. Recommendations for incorporating various types of beneficial oils into the diet may benefit shoppers seeking to protect cardiovascular health.
Bester D, et al. Cardiovascular effects of edible oils: a comparison between four popular edible oils. Nutr Res Rev. 2010 Sep 20:1-15.
--Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* Reduced-sodium Cheese
Sargento's reduced-sodium cheese line is now available to food manufacturers. In a year-long process, Sargento has worked with consumer panels to develop a 25% reduced-sodium cheese that meets taste expectations. Along the way, when it was found they could not use salt replacers and flavor maskers to reduce the sodium and still pass stringent sensory standards, the company developed a cheese-making process that lets the sodium be reduced, without adversely affecting flavor. Cheese types with a 25% salt reduction include Sargento's Mild Cheddar, Colby Jack, Provolone and Whole Milk Mozzarella. Sargento Food Ingredients, www.sargentofoodingredients.com

* Effective, Tasty Salt Reduction
Overcome sodium-reduction challenges with Ajinomoto's Salt Answer RX-AX, which can help achieve effective sodium reduction, without compromising great taste; can be used in a wide range of savory applications; and is compatible with a variety of salt blends for custom optimization to meet targeted sodium-reduction levels. Low- and reduced-sodium label claims are able to be attained using Salt Answer RX-AX. Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC, 800-456-4666, www.ajiusafood.com

* Rich Source of EPA and DHA
Long-chain fatty acids EPA and DHA from oily fish are recommended by the American Heart Association for their heart-health benefits. OmegaPure ingredients are a rich source of long-chain omega-3s, EPA and DHA. OmegaPure ingredients are made from menhaden, a herring-like fish. Vertically integrated, OmegaPure manages the ingredients from harvest through processing. All ingredients are produced from highly refined menhaden fish oil, granted GRAS status as a food ingredient, meet CRN monograph standards and are kosher-certified. OmegaPure,  inquire@omegapure.com, www.omegapure.com

* Highly Bioavailable CoQ10 Powders
Wacker Fine Chemicals, a division of Wacker Chemie AG, is the global leader in cyclodextrin technology. Cyclodextrins are increasingly used for stabilizing food ingredients against heat and oxidation; are used for taste-masking; and to increase bioavailability. For example, CAVAMAX CoQ10 is a clinically proven, highly bioavailable Coenzyme Q10 powder. Wacker also introduces water-soluble CoQ10 and CAVAMAX W6, which is a colorless, neutral-tasting soluble dietary fiber. Wacker Fine Chemicals, info.fine chemicals@wacker.com, www.wacker.com

* Reduce Sodium, Not Flavor
David Michael has created a line of salt replacers to address the need for sodium reduction, without flavor reduction. DM Choice Natural Flavor Salt Type allows up to a 30% reduction of sodium, but delivers the same amount of flavor impact, and is also free of HVP and added MSG, says the company. Available in powder form, the salt replacers can be used in any product that is formulated with salt. In addition, David Michael offers a line of DM Choice natural potassium blockers, which can be used to decrease the bitterness and metallic off-notes often associated with potassium salts. David Michael Inc., www.dmflavors.com

* No Trans Shortening
BBS is a specially processed, unemulsified shortening used in numerous general baking applications, such as pound cakes, pie doughs, cookies and donuts. BBS provides consistency and maximum performance in every batch. It is a highly versatile shortening for baking or frying applications, such as with pies, cookies, pound cakes and donut frying. It is available in a zero trans fat formula. Stratas Foods, www.stratasfoods.com

* Replace Trans Fats in Donuts
Loders Croklaan is launching a new line of donut fry products aimed at improving both eating quality and production efficiency. The SansTrans DF Select frying shortenings eliminate oil migration, a shortcoming in typical commodity donut frying shortenings, making these products ideal for coated donuts. Replacing trans fats in food preparation with palmitic acid or fully hydrogenated interesterified stearic acid is expected to reduce cardiovascular risk factors. Loders Croklaan, palmoil@croklaan.com, www.croklaan.com

* Lower Cholesterol, Keep Good Taste
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states more than 100 million adults in the U.S.--nearly one third of the population--have high cholesterol. By adding CardioAid plant sterols into foods and beverages, formulators can help them lower cholesterol without compromising taste. Now, food manufacturers can meet the needs of health-conscious consumers by helping them make those lifestyle changes, with ADM's line of CardioAid plant sterols. Food manufacturers have taken these sterols and added them to foods that would not normally contain them, such as vegetable oil spreads (margarine), mayonnaise, yogurt smoothies, orange juice, cereals and snack bars, to name a few. Archer Daniels Midland Company, 800-510-2178, nutrition@adm.com

* Oat-based Beta-glucan Launch
Biovelop AB is set to revolutionize the market for value-added foods and drinks with the international launch of PromOat oat beta-glucan. The new, revolutionary, oat-based soluble fiber ingredient, containing 35% beta- glucan, is neutral in both taste and color. PromOat is now set to open up opportunities for the wider application of oat-based beta-glucans in a range of food and drink products not usually associated with oats. PromOat differentiates itself from competitors by containing no insoluble oat fiber or oat protein, which can prejudice the flavor and aesthetics of finished products. PromOat is also gluten-free. Biovelop AB, Johan Bjurenvall, +46 42 341230,  promoat@biovelop.com, www.promoat.com

* Salt Replacers and Substitutes
Salt replacers are used in place of salt to get a 50% reduction in sodium, with easy replacement ratio of 1:1. Salt substitutes may replace 25-50% of sodium. Advanced Foods Systems’ AFS Sea Salt Replacer T#2 is made with sea salt and potassium chloride, carefully formulated to provide a clean flavor and minimize the bitterness which is common to many sea salt replacers. Salt Substitute NTF-25 is trans fat-free, with excellent saltiness and minimum bitter flavor. The ingredients may replace 25-50% of salt in sauces, gravies, dressings, seasonings and spices. Advanced Foods Systems Inc., www.afsnj.com

* Grape Seed Extract Award
Polyphenolics, a division of Constellation Wines U.S. Inc., has earned the 2010 North American Product Differentiation Excellence of the Year Award in the Grape Seed Extracts market. The award is presented by Frost & Sullivan, a global research organization. The company obtains 90-95% polyphenols in grape seeds through its unique, patented, hot-water-based extraction process, as opposed to using chemicals and solvents, such as acetone. This unique process also ensures MegaNatural-BP has no bitter aftertaste. Polyphenolics, a division of Constellation Brands Inc., 219-243-9825, www.polyphenolics.com

* Omega-3 Delivers
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is enjoying continued growth, due to its important role in the mitochondrial energy production cycle and as a promoter of cardiovascular health. Hormel Foods offers a CoQ10/omega-3 combination ingredient for food and beverages, via a patent-pending delivery system that protects the lipids from breakdown and oxidation. One gram of the ingredient contains 100mg of EPA/DHA omega-3 and 50mg of CoQ10. It is available for juices, ready-to-drink beverages, smoothies, sauces and low-fat foods. Hormel Specialty Products, Dr. Chet Rao, 507-434-6891, csrao@hormel.com, www.hormelingredients.com

* Heart-healthy Benefits
California Almonds do not just add flavor and crunch to products; they also add heart-healthy benefits millions of consumers are seeking. California Almonds are cholesterol-free and low in saturated fatñjust 1oz (about 23 almonds) contains 13g of good unsaturated fat and only 1g of saturated fat. Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5oz per day of most nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Almond Board of California, Harbinder Maan, 209-343-3214, hmaan@almondboard.com, www.almondboard.com

* Reducing Saturates and Cholesterol
Bunge’s proprietary, vegetable-based, plastic shortening, PhytoBake, allows for replacement of traditional shortening saturates with phytosterol-containing shortening.  Phytosterols have been well-documented to provide cardio benefits by lowering LDL (bad cholesterol), while not affecting HDL (good cholesterol). They serve to confer structure to the shortening, which is translated to the finished application. In addition, the shortening provides a vehicle for the introduction of nutritionally beneficial phytosterols into a finished bakery product. This innovation adds to Bunge’s product offerings with a healthier, reduced-saturates plastic shortening that food processors utilize in baked products to replace less-healthy shortenings. Bunge Oils, www.transfatsolutions.com

* Aî for Avocados
Commercial Creamery offers a natural avocado powder made from delicious avocados, which have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels. They contain beta-sitosterol, which helps maintain good cholesterol levels. The mono and polyunsaturated fats present in avocados can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease. Avocados also contain a large variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They are an excellent way to improve skin and hair, and they can promote strong bones and teeth for humans, as well as animals. Commercial Creamery Co., 509-747-4131, info@cheesepowder.com, www.commercialcreamery.com

* Keeping Taste Alive
Looking for ways to produce healthier products in response to consumer demand? Innophos is focused on responding to the industry challenge to reduce sodium, while maintaining product flavor and texture characteristics--all while keeping costs down. CAL-RISE is a sodium-free, easy-to-formulate, calcium-based leavening acid for baking applications. CURAVIS So-Lo 93 enhances processed meats and poultry without compromising taste, with 93% less sodium than standard sodium phosphate. Textur-Melt LS-Cheese 40 is a specialty phosphate blend developed to achieve excellent emulsifying, melt properties and appearance in processed cheese, dips, sauces and dairy applications, with 40% less sodium than standard sodium phosphates. Innophos Inc., John Brodie, 866-631-7394, john.brodie@innophos.com, www.innophos.com

* Barley for Better Health
Barliv barley betafiber is a concentrate of barley beta-glucan that contains a minimum of 70% barley beta-glucan soluble fiber. It is derived from specially-selected varieties of barley and is the end-result of an extraction process developed by Cargill. The optimized viscosity of Barliv barley betafiber is unique to Barliv and is the basis for its superior sensory properties and performance in beverages and foods. In addition to the heart-healthy benefits of lowering LDL cholesterol in the blood, emerging research suggests Barliv barley betafiber may offer other health benefits related to blood glucose and satiety. Cargill Health & Nutrition, 866-456-8872, www.barliv.com, www.cargill.com

* Magnificent Magnesium
Magnesium is an essential mineral, playing an important role in several biochemical reactions in the body: energy, metabolism, synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, cell reproduction and transmission of nerve impulses. Deficiencies in dietary magnesium can lead to heart disease, bone diseases, hypertension and atherosclerosis. Brenntag’s Magnesium Salts are chosen for use in a wide variety of applications based on solubility, physical form (powder, granular, liquid), magnesium content, taste, regulation and price. All exhibit good bioavailability upon consumption. Brenntag North America, 610-926-6100, brenntag@brenntag.com, www.brenntag.com

* Pure Phytosterol
Vegapure, from Cognis, is a phytosterol ingredient that is clinically proven to lower cholesterol by up to 15% and has a powerful FDA-approved health claim. It is synergistic and compatible with statin drug therapy, and it has potential consumer label claims, such as proven to help reduce cholesterol,î proven to help reduce LDL cholesterol,î may help to lower cholesterol naturallyî and more. Cognis has a broad portfolio of sterols and sterol esters available. Cognis, 800-673-3702, cognis.custserv@cognis-us.com, www.cognis.com

* Grain that Sustains
ConAgra Mills Sustagrain Barley is a proprietary, identity-preserved barley variety that offers flexibility, functionality and special nutritional benefits for product developers formulating to meet pressing health and wellness concerns. With dietary fiber making up more than 50% of its carbohydrates--and 40% of that in the form of cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber--Sustagrain can be a potent tool for heart health. Sustagrain is a superior choice for whole-grain and high-fiber applications and is available as fine flour and flakes. ConAgra Mills, 800-851-9618, www.conagramills.com

Cognitive Health
The link between a good diet and good mental health is becoming clearer to consumers, according to a report titled, Trend Watch: Brain Health and the Emergence of Food for Improved Cognitive Function (August 18, 2008),î published by Euromonitor International. Their interest has been spurred by global studies that show a balanced diet has the potential to alter brain health and mental function.î

Seeking more naturalî remedies, consumers are turning to ingredients, such as omega-3s and omega-6s, co-enzyme Q10, ginkgo biloba, St. John’s wort, ginseng, soy lecithin and others, to help with certain health conditions, such as depression, and improving memory and mood. The omegas found in fish oils have especially received much attention: Fish oils, well-known for being one of the main sources of omega-3, are also on the up, thanks to the popularity of omega-3. Sales have increased by 112% since 2002, reaching almost $2 billion in 2007, and are expected to increase further, as omega-3 becomes mainstream. Value sales of fish oils are predicted to reach $2.5 billion by 2012,î states the report.

The report also states the category is divided into three areas: energy-boosting (e.g., guarana, caffeine, ginseng), brain function (e.g., omega-3s, PS, GABA, creatine) and mood (e.g., green tea, tryptophan, GABA, ginkgo biloba).î The nutrients often are delivered in a beverage format, with the most popular drinks being teas and infusions, water-based drinks and energy drinks. Dairy products, such as yogurts, liquid yogurts and milk, are also prominent, but the report notes mental function claims are appearing in almost all product categories, including ice cream and confectionery.
Euromonitor Inter¨national offers global market intelligence on industries, countries and consumers. It has more than 35 years of experience publishing market reports, business reference books, online information systems and custom consulting projects. For more information on Euromonitor International’s research and reports, visit www.euromonitor.com.
--Julia M. Gallo-Torres, Managing Editor

* Improve Attention and Focus
All-natural Cognizin Citocoline is a GRAS ingredient for functional food and beverage manufacturers looking to boost the brain-health benefits of their products. With years of success in the dietary supplement industry, Cognizin Citicoline is backed by numerous scientific studies supporting claims of improved attention, recall and focus. Cognizin is also highly stable, ultra-pure and allergen-free. Kyowa Hakko, Karen Todd, todd@kyowa-usa.com, www.cognizin.com

* Kosher-certified Specialty Ingredients
Chemi Nutra recently announced EarthKosher has granted kosher certification for its AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) family of specialty ingredient products used in dietary supplements, sports nutritionals, and in beverages and shots. These specialty A-GPC ingredients now comply with kosher dietary laws, restrictions and regulations, as determined by EarthKosher. A-GPC is considered one of the most effective brain and bodyî nutrients in the world, and it is widely used in clinical and nutritional settings around the world involving memory loss, cognitive dysfunctions and dementias of various kinds, and exercise performance. A-GPC is often used as a keynote ingredient in mental performance, anti-aging and sports nutrition finished products, where published studies demonstrate its health benefits. Chemi Nutra, 866-907-0400, www.cheminutra.com

* Magnesium for Stress Reduction
Purac can help with fortification of products with magnesium, through two specialized magnesium sourcesómagnesium lactate and magnesium gluconate. Both sources are soluble, have neutral flavor and provide highly bioavailable magnesium. To reduce stress, Purac has PURAMEX magnesium lactate and GLUCONAL magnesium gluconate. Purac, www.purac.com/minerals

Diabetic Benefits
Though not as troubling to shoppers as other chronic illnesses, like cancer or cardiovascular disease, a relatively large percentage (40%) of shoppers are concerned about diabetes and high blood sugar. The good news is that most feel empowered, saying they can take steps to avoid diabetes. Diet is one of those steps, and younger shoppers, aged 18-29, feel especially optimistic they cannot only avoid, but also manage, high blood sugar by making dietary changes.

Almost a third of shoppers report they are regularly making food choices to manage their blood sugar levels, and there is interest by a majority in learning more about this relationship. Whole grains are one of the foods in which they show particular interest for this benefit.

Glycemic control is gaining interest among shoppers, as well. More than a quarter now say labels that tout low-glycemic indexî are a strong or moderate influence, when they are making purchasing decisions. Also, two thirds of shoppers in the most recent 2009 HealthFocus International Trend Studyî say they are interested in low-glycemic foods, a share that has risen 60% from 2006.
--Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* Reduce Risk During Pregnancy
New results from a recent study on Chr. Hansen’s flagship probiotic strains, Bifidobacterium BB-12 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus LGG further emphasize Chr. Hansen’s position as the supplier of the industry’s most-documented probiotic portfolio. Combining the intake of Bifidobacterium BB-12 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG with dietary counseling can reduce the risk of diabetes during pregnancy; improve blood glucose control; and may promote child health, according to a Finnish study of 256 pregnant women. Chr. Hansen, Denmark, +45 45 74 74 74, www.chr-hansen.com

* The Sweet Life
SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener begins with harvesting the highest quality leaves of the stevia plant and extracting their naturally sweet taste, using only cool, purified water. Free of chemicals, solvents or additives that cover up the great taste created by nature, SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener contains zero calories or carbohydrates, has a zero glycemic index and is 100% natural, with no alcohols, as may be found in artificial and other stevia sweeteners. It is the only sweetener that can make that claim. SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener works with every diet plan and is ideal for diabetics. SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener, 800-899-9908, info@wisdomnaturalbrands.com, www.sweetleaf.com

* Vitamin-fortified Formulation
Numerous scientific studies have shown vitamin D3 benefits bone health, cardiovascular health, immunity and prevention of inflammatory diseases, diabetes and cancer. BASF supplies vitamin D3 in oil-based formulations and in powders. Vitamin D3 from BASF is suitable for use in a variety of applications, such as infant formula, milk fortification, food and beverages. Manufacturers can choose from a range of formulations, including gelatin-free products, which are also certified kosher and halal. All vitamin D3 products are allergen- and gluten-free. BASF’s Nutrition Ingredients, www.nutrition.basf.com

Digestive Health
Both known for their beneficial effects on the digestive system, fiber and probiotics in products have entered the marketplace at an unprecedented pace within the past five years (Innova Market Insights).

Additionally, data from the 2009 HealthFocus International Trend Studyî show that, since 2004, shoppers’ concerns about their digestive health, as well as reported incidence of digestive problems, has risen steadily.

There is strong belief among the quarter of the study population, who report they are affected by digestive problems, that diet can help manage or avoid this issue. Whereas fiber was once the primary go-to ingredient for digestive health, probiotics and active cultures in yogurt are now almost on par with fiber, in the minds of shoppers, to aid in management of gastrointestinal ailments.

Combination products, containing both fiber (many in the form of prebiotics) and probiotics, have joined their single-active-ingredient counterparts in support of digestive health, among other health benefits. Recent research, reviewed by Bosscher and colleagues (2009), suggests modulation of the intestinal microflora via prebiotic fibers can have beneficial outcomes for both children and adults.
Bosscher D, et al. Food-based strategies to modulate the composition of the intestinal microbiota and their associated health effects. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2009 Dec; 60 Suppl 6:5-11.
--Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* Grain-based Ingredients
A variety of corn products that can be used in many different food applications is offered by Didion Milling. These include varieties of dry corn products and conventional lines of grits, meal, flour, pre-gelatinized products and corn bran. For example, corn bran is a food-grade, chemical-free and natural product that is light in color, presents a bland flavor and is a low-fat, low-cost alternative to other grain bran products. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber used to increase dietary fiber in mixes, breads, cereals, snack foods, dietary foods and geriatric foods. Didion Milling, www.didionmilling.com

* Clearly Different Fiber Enrichment
CNI’s Fibregum Clear is a highly purified and clarified version of Fibregum. An all-natural acacia gum particularly rich in soluble fiber (minimum 90%), Fibregum offers exceptional, scientifically proven nutritional properties, including a strong prebiotic effect. Scientific studies confirm Fibregum helps to balance the intestinal microflora; favors the growth of goodî bacteria (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli); and enhances the production of SCFAs. Fibregum Clear’s low viscosity and excellent stability in acidic medium helps to improve the nutritional profile of functional beverages and juices, with no impact on their clarity, brightness and flavor. Collodes Naturels International (CNI), Catherine Lecareux, marketing@cniworld.com

* Unique Gluten-free Flour
American Key Food Products offers its King Lion Premium Cassava Flour, which is a natural replacement for wheat flour in a wide range of gluten-free baked goods. This unique flour eliminates the need for complex formulations containing combinations of ingredients, such as flours, starches and gums. King Lion Premium Cassava Flour is made from naturally gluten-free cassava roots, also the source of tapioca starch. It offers bakers a simple and effective solution for baking high-quality cookies, cakes, pastries, foccaccia, burger buns, pizza crust and breads, while completely eliminating wheat flour. American Key Food Products, Mel Festejo, 800-767-0237, contactus@akfponline.com, www.americankeyfood.com

* Milk Alternative
SensoryEffects offers a turn-key milk alternative product called Vitamite. Vitamite is lactose- and cholesterol-free, and, as compared to milk, has reduced levels of protein, sugar, sodium, potassium and phosphorous, for people whose digestive systems cannot tolerate higher levels of these nutrients. Vitamite is sold in a convenient dry powder form and is available in plain, vanilla and chocolate flavors. It also has a more favorable flavor profile vs. soy-based beverages. SensoryEffects Flavor Systems, Dennis J. Reid, 800-422-5444, Dennis.Reid@SensoryEffects.com 

* Better Texture in Gluten-free Foods
Replace gluten functionality in baked goods using the cost effective, natural gum blend, Coyote Brand Stabilizer ST-101. Gluten mixed with water will produce an elastic and porous web, which is capable of trapping the gas bubbles that leavening agents produce. The synergistic gums in Coyote Brand Stabilizer ST-101 mimic this function. Adding ST-101 to gluten-free flour provides a replacement for the protein strands created in gluten development. This allows the bread to trap the gases from the expanding yeasts, and the cell structure of the original bread is recreated. Gum Technology Corporation, Joshua Brooks, 800-369-4867, info@gumtech.com, www.gumtech.com

* Nature’s Recipe for Digestive Health
For most people, improving digestive health is a matter of taking simple preventive steps. California Dried Plums are particularly helpful. A single serving (4-5 dried plums) has 3g soluble and insoluble fiber, which is important for healthy digestion. In addition to fiber, dried plums also contain naturally-occurring sorbitol, antioxidants with an ORAC value of 7,291 per serving and a low glycemic index (i.e., 29 +/-4). And, a serving of dried plums provides 293mg of potassium, as well as some iron and vitamin A. California Dried Plum Board, 800-729-5992, www.californiadriedplums.org

* Antibacterial Compound Fights IBS
Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 strain, commercially manufactured and marketed by UAS Labs, is considered a unique, endogenous human strain. It is the only strain that produces an antibacterial compound, acidophilin,î which demonstrated activity against many pathogenic bacteria. L. acidophilus DDS-1 produces enzymes, B vitamins, lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. More than 200 studies have confirmed the diverse beneficial effects of L. acidophilus DDS-1, including promoting digestive health and immune function. A recent clinical case study shows significant impact of L. acidophilus DDS-1-containing formulation in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). L. acidophilus DDS-1 is being used in dietary supplements, foods and beverages. UAS Laboratories Inc., 952-935-1707, www.uaslabs.com

* Fiber Enrichment
The texture, look and feel of the foods people love benefit from gums, but these gums also give food a health bonus: fiber. Soluble dietary fiber is the hidden health benefit of gums. The products offered by TIC Gums, an industry leader in advanced hydrocolloids and gum systems, add soluble dietary fiber to many foods and beverages. Most gums are 80% soluble dietary fiber, more than oats, wheat bran and other better-known fiber sources. Soluble dietary fiber helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract and cholesterol already within normal limits. TIC Gums, www.ticgums.com

* Rice-based Specialty Ingredients
Since 1992, RIBUS has offered a variety of problem-solving,î rice-based, hypoallergenic specialty ingredients to help formulators clean up their label (remove Si02); remove allergens (soy); increase yield; manage water activity; improve texture and mouthfeel (especially in gluten-free products); and lower overall cost. RIBUS is best known for its Lecithin Replacer that gives all of the functionality, without any of the allergens. RIBUS products are all-natural, non-GMO and kosher-certified, and they are also available in certified-organic forms. RIBUS Inc., Steve Peirce, 310-727-4287, info@ribus.com, www.ribus.com

* Unique Soluble Fiber
NUTRIOSE is the name of Roquette America’s range of soluble dietary fibers. Allowing an efficient increase of fiber intake for the end-user, its unique properties make NUTRIOSE especially well-adapted to nutraceuticals and clinical nutrition. Its unique combination of health and technological benefits include a high digestive tolerance; low-glycemic and insulinemic responses; low calorie value; safe for teeth and sugar-free; and a prebiotic effect. It also has low viscosity, high solubility and is an excellent binder for wet granulation. Roquette America, 319-524-5757, www.roquettenutra.com

* Repair Damaged Intestinal Tissue
Tegricel is a novel nutraceutical designed to improve gastrointestinal health. It has been proven to heal and repair damaged tissue from the use of NSAIDs. Tegricel is also beneficial in other conditions that cause intestinal damage. It is self-affirmed GRAS and meets standards as kosher- and halal-certified products. Tegricel also maintains FDA-notified status. Sterling Technology, 800-522-3699, www.sterlingtechnology.com

Energy/Sports Performance
Tiredness/lack of energy is the number two health complaint of shoppers under the age of 40. For the youngest shoppers, those aged 18-29, fatigue holds the same spot on their list of health concerns, according to the 2009 HealthFocus International Trend Report.î

Growing numbers of shoppers are acting on their need for energy, as a third now report choosing foods and beverages especially to increase their energy level. But, shoppers are particular in their needs; not only are they interested in high-energy options, they look for foods that provide balanced energy for themselves and their children. Notably, over half of parent shoppers seek carbohydrates that give their children more manageable energy.

Just as there is keen interest in foods that help manage blood sugar levels, many express interest in the relationship between blood sugar and energy, because they believe dietary changes can help treat or avoid fatigue. Food categories that are of particular interest as delivery vehicles for the benefit of providing longer-lasting energy include fruit and vegetable juices, breakfast cereals and pasta. 
--Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* Critical Amino Acids for Energy
Whey protein is the most complete source of protein humans require for good health. Whey proteins have a Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) of 3.2, a perfectî Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.00, and they have a low glycemic load at 2 per 100g for concentrates and <1 for whey protein isolates. Hilmar whey proteins can be used alone or to complement other proteins. Hilmar’s new 8800 Alpha-lactalbumin Enriched WPC provides critical amino acids for energy and an extra pop of phospholipids for their essential roles in cellular structure and activity. Hilmar Ingredients,  www.hilmaringredients.com

* Get Energized, Naturally
Electrify the body and mind with National Enzyme Company’s (NEC) enhanced energy product, ZIP EX2, which features the enzyme blend BioCorÈLipo, B-complex vitamins and energy-filled herbs to combine the benefits of sustained energy. This supplement is all-natural and uses only non-stimulant ingredients, ensuring there will be no crash or jittery feeling later. National Enzyme Company, 800-825-8545, www.nationalenzyme.com

* Rebuilding ATP Levels
Ribose is a simple, five-carbon monosaccharide, or pentose sugar, found in body cells. It is the backbone of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a key molecule in the metabolic cycle that provides energy to cells. Ribose regulates reactions that rebuild ATP. Bioenergy Inc.’s BIOENERGY brand of cost-effective ribose has GRAS status. The supplement delivers increased energy and endurance, faster recovery times after exercise, and significant reductions in muscle cramping and soreness. This is especially important for athletes who workout 3-4 times a week, which may not provide enough rest time between sessions for ATP levels to return to normal. Bioenergy Inc., www.bioenergy.com

* Rich Cocoa Taste With Less Fat
Beverages, bars or other foods designed for body-builders, weight-loss or active lifestyles are packed with protein, trace minerals or antioxidants, but often lack flavor--that which makes eating pleasurable and adds to a healthy diet. Varieties that rely on cocoa powder alone for chocolate taste are missing the element abundant in chocolateócocoa butter. Now, with CocoaButter Buds, a natural concentrate of cocoa fat, these foods can have a richer, more rounded, authentic chocolate taste, without adding significant fat. Typical usage is at .5-1%. It also helps mask the undesirable taste of proteins and minerals, while improving mouthfeel. Butter Buds Food Ingredients, Bill Buhler, 800-426-1119, bbuhler@ bbuds.com, www.butterbuds.com

* Premium Muscle Growth
Creatrate, exclusively from Premium Ingredients, is a new, clinically-proven, superior form of patented creatine nitrate. Creatine is known for its muscle growth effects; in a series of three clinical studies, Creatrate was concluded to be a superior form of creatine, due to its physio-chemical properties. The Creatrate form also solves previous limitations of creatine, by substantially enhancing the three pillars of bioavailability--solubility, stability and dissolution. This creatine will not clump when mixed with fluids, and it increases permeation of all ingredients co-ingested. This innovation is also available in 11 different amino acid nitrate-bound compounds that have the same great benefits. Premium Ingredients International, www.premiumingredients.com

Eye Health
Consumers are looking at their eye health with new perspective. Over the years, the significance of eye health has risen considerably, topping out at 57% of shoppers reporting they are extremely or very concerned about their vision (in 2008). A similar number took at least one trip to the eye doctor, further emphasizing the importance they are placing on this aspect of health.

Concern about eye health is greatest with shoppers 18-29 and those 65 and older. Not surprisingly, there is a direct relationship between the age of the shopper and concern about macular degeneration, with almost double the number of older shoppers reporting concern compared with younger shoppers.

As a result, it is not surprising interest in lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health is highest among shoppers over 50. Interest in these ingredients by shoppers overall has grown considerably, as well, up from 58% in 2006 to 72% in 2008.  Three quarters of shoppers express interest in the role omega-3 fatty acids play in vision.

Shoppers feel they have some control over eye health. Over one third say they believe dietary changes can help treat or avoid eye problems. But, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, U.S. consumers are not getting the 6mg of lutein and zeaxanthin per day that are recommended for eye health.  In this study, the researchers examined data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveyî (NHANES 2003-2004) and found that, although older adults do consume more lutein than younger ones, zeaxanthin intake was lower in both groups of individuals that are at highest risk for macular degeneration--older adults and females.
Johnson EJ, et al. Intake of lutein and zeaxanthin differ with age, sex and ethnicity. J Am Diet Assoc 2010 Sep 110:1357-1362.
--Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* The Eyes Have It
OmniActive Health Technologies’ Lutemax 2020 is the first ingredient that provides enhanced levels of zeaxanthin isomers, along with lutein, for convenient and more beneficial nutrient availability to the eyes. Lutemax 2020 is available in a number of specifications, to meet diverse formulation requirements of nutritional supplements and phytomedicines. OmniActive Health Technologies, 866-588-3629, usa@omniactives.com, www.lutemax2020.com, www.omniactives.com

* Supplement of Choice
Lutein has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of certain eye diseases, increase macular pigment optical density (MPOD) and improve visual performance. FloraGLO is the lutein brand used in the second eye-related study conducted by the National Eye Institute. And, it is the leading ocular supplement brand recommended by doctors, based on the results of the National Disease and Therapeutic Index syndicated report. Kemin Health L.C., 615-248-4000, www.Kemin.com

* Zeaxanthin from Marigolds
CarolZea is the brand name of ZMC’s natural zeaxanthin and is obtained from the isomerization of lutein derived from marigold flowers using patented technology. As opposed to chemically synthesized zeaxanthin, CarolZea is of natural origin and is an excellent source of broad-spectrum natural carotenoids and antioxidant nutrients. It is available in diversified forms for extensive applications. ZMC-USA, 281-419-6050, www.zmc-usa.com

* Easy on the Eyes
Kalsec sells ZeaGold natural zeaxanthin to the nutraceutical, functional food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets as a dietary supplement in the form of oil-based and beadlet products. Zeaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment which scientific evidence indicates is important in reducing the risk of cataract formation and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). ZeaGold is produced by concentrating zeaxanthin pigments from paprika, a whole food source. It is natural, GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), and exempt from certification under the CFR color additive regulations. Kalsec has a patent licensing agreement with ZeaVision LLC, which allows them to market dietary zeaxanthin and provides a pass throughî license to buyers of ZeaGold zeaxanthin. Kalsec, Aaron Wheadon, 801-244-6745, awheadon@kalsec.com, www.kalsec.com

Immunity to diseases has always been a concern. However, the nature of the conditions to which humans are susceptible is changing, and the marketplace may be in a position to assist. Data indicates consumers are responding to products often associated with immunity. For example, Package Facts notes worldwide sales of probiotic and prebiotic foods and beverages reached $15.4 billion in 2008, a 12.5% over the year before. The topic of immunity, however, is complex and speaks to the potentially greater role good bacteriaî may play. Of growing interest is the Hygiene Hypothesis.î

There’s compelling evidence that the incidence of infectious disease has dropped dramatically in the last 50 years, while the incidence of immune disorders has skyrocketed,î says Bob Jones, a principal at Cambridge-based consulting firm Scientia Advisors. For example, research by JF Bach in the New England Journal of Medicine in 20021 showed the incidence of infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, dropped in 1995 to less than half of what it was in 1955; measles and rheumatic fever, both common in 1955, are almost non-existent today. However, certain immune disorders have exploded in numbers, including insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, asthma and Crohn’s disease. The Hygiene Hypothesis says, in effect, that 50 years ago, we were all exposed to far more microorganisms--especially as infants. Consequently, we developed robust immune systems,î says Jones. Today, people, particularly those in developed nations, live in a vastly more hygienic world. Fewer natural defenses have been developed, and it is theorized that, as a result, the body’s immune system malfunctions. Researchers say encouraging scientific evidence points to the use of probiotics as a way to reduce or even prevent the immune-mediated disease trend.
1Bach, JF, 2002. The effect of infections on susceptibility to autoimmune and allergic diseases. N Engl J Med. 347:911-920.
Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hygiene_hypothesis  and http://nutrition.med.harvard.edu/education/edu_exp_bio_conf.html
--Claudia D. O’Donnell, Chief Editor

* Probiotic Benefits
Numerous studies have been conducted investigating the health benefits of Fonterra probiotics, DR10 (Bifidobacterium lactis HN019) and DR20 (Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001), including in vitro and in vivo studies, and human clinical studies. Proven health benefits include: immune booster, healthier digestive system, protection from daily stress and allergy prevention. All Fonterra probiotic strains have remarkably high tolerance towards the low pH of the stomach; a high resistance to bile salts; the ability to survive the hostile gastrointestinal environment; and high adherence to intestinal cells. Fonterra USA, 847-928-1600, www.fonterra-northamerica.com

* Immune Ingredient Increases Antibody Response
New research demonstrates the ability of ResistAid, Lonza’s all-natural arabinogalactan-based immune ingredient, to increase the antibody response of healthy volunteers to the 23-valent pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccine. The study was published in the August issue of Nutrition Journal, and its findings confirm the ability of ResistAid to provide a selective response from the immune system. In combination with its positive effects on the immune system, ResistAid has a number of technical properties that make it easily incorporated into dietary supplements and functional foods, in standalone form or combined with other products to increase functionality. Lonza Inc., contact.allendale@lonza.com, www.lonza.com

* Activate Immune Defenses
Moderate- to high-stressed women experienced fewer cold/flu symptoms and higher energy levels while taking Wellmune WGP, a natural food and supplement ingredient that activates the body’s immune defenses, according to research presented at the 51st Annual Meeting of the American College of Nutrition. Studies show psychological stress can suppress both immune system function and mood state. Wellmune WGP, a natural ingredient derived from a proprietary strain of yeast, engages and directs neutrophils, immune cells that are the body’s first line of defense, to more quickly find and kill foreign challenges. Biothera, the Immune Health Company, David Walsh, 651-256-4606, dwalsh@biothera.com, www.wellmune.com

* This Probiotic Strain Survives Industrial Food Manufacturing
GanedenBC30 probiotic, a strain of Bacillus coagulans, is said to overcome the shortcomings of other commonly used probiotics, in that it easily withstands industrial food manufacturing, extreme temperatures and product shelflife. Additionally, GanedenBC30 can grow in both the small and large intestines, which is important in carbohydrate digestion. Ganeden Biotech Inc.,  www.ganedenbiotech.com

* Promote Healthy Immune System
HOWARU Balance Plus was developed to help older adults and seniors maintain their natural immunity and an efficient digestive system--both of which are necessary for sustaining a healthy, active lifestyle. It is a combination of three clinically documented ingredients: Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 and Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM probiotic strains, and the prebiotic fiber, Litesse, all which promote intestinal health. Available in a consumer-ready sachet, HOWARU Balance Plus combines the synergistic effects of probiotics and a prebiotic fiber to promote healthy digestive and immune systems. Danisco Health and Nutrition, Kevin Mehring, 608-395-2632, kevin.mehring@danisco.com, www.daniscosupplements.com

* Year-round Immunity Support
EpiCor, from Embria Health Sciences, contains protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other metabolites that deliver nutritional benefits and support immune health. Clinical studies have found EpiCor’s immune-balancing properties provide year-round supportñboth during cold and flu season and allergy seasonñby helping the body boost or suppress immune response as needed. EpiCor has been determined to be GRAS in all food categories, at levels significantly above the intake shown to have immune health benefits. Embria Health Sciences, Greg Thornton, 877-362-7421, gthornton@embriahealth.com, www.embriahealth.com

* Health-promoting Prebiotic Ingredient
Vivinal GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides) is a dairy-derived prebiotic ingredient that provides a number of health-promoting benefits. It acts as a food for various beneficial bacteria in the colon, which produce short-chain fatty acids that in turn influence several physiological benefits, including stimulation of immune health; improvement of digestive health; and increasing beneficial bacteria in the colon, particularly bifidobacteria. Vivinal GOS can be used in many product categories, from infant/toddler nutrition to confectionery products to medicinal nutrition. FrieslandCampina, Sarah Staley, 847-981-5032, www.vivinalgos.com

Weight Management
A wide gap exists between the actual incidence of overweight and obesity in America and consumers’ perceptions of their weight. According to a recent analysis of NHANES 2008 data, the combined prevalence of overweight and obesity in the U.S. is 68% (Flegal, et al. 2010). During that same time period, only 32% of shoppers reported they were overweight or obese in the 2009 HealthFocus International Trend Survey,î a percentage that is down from previous surveys. In contrast, more shoppers report high concern, at 42%, which is an increase from previous years.

Despite the discrepancy between perceived and actual weight, a majority of shoppers do report their weight management goal is to lose rather than maintain weight, though only a quarter admit to actually being on a diet. 

Shoppers are knowledgeable about and interested in ingredients for weight management; fiber, protein, whole grains, dairy and green tea are all well-known to them. Notably, interest in the relationship between these ingredients and weight management is similar among shoppers, regardless of their body mass index (BMI).
Flegal KM, et al. Prevalence and trends in obesity among U.S. adults, 1999-2008 JAMA. 2010; 303(3):235-241.
--Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* Whey-derived Weight-loss Ingredient
Glanbia Nutritionals is pleased to announce the granting of a U.S. patent for Prolibra, a whey-derived ingredient that includes proprietary whey peptides. It is clinically proven to significantly decrease fat mass, while maintaining lean body mass in combination with a hypocaloric diet. Prolibra also helps reduce post-prandial glycemic response, an acknowledged dietary approach for achieving healthy weight loss. Two independent trials have demonstrated clinical significance using Prolibra to reduce body fat, while retaining lean muscle mass. Glanbia Nutritionals, Eric Borchardt, 608-329-2800, www.glanbianutritionals.com

* Egg Offers High Protein and Satiety
The American Egg Board reports researchers have discovered an egg breakfast induced greater satiety and significantly reduced the participants’ food intake for the rest of the day, when compared to a bagel-based breakfast of equal weight. Eggs have an impressive macronutrient composition to contribute to their satiety impact. A registered dietitian and culinary instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York called eggs a nutritional powerhouse.î Eggs provide some of the highest quality protein of any food, as well as being one of the few non-dairy sources of vitamin D. For more on eggs and satiety, download: Find True Satisfactionî at www.aeb.org

* GRAS Approval for Satiety Ingredient
Lipid Nutrition’s PinnoThin satiety ingredient is now GRAS-approved. The GRAS petition determined PinnoThin can safely be used in baked goods, beverages, breakfast cereals, dairy product analogs, fats and oils, grain products, fluid milk and milk products, nut products, processed fruit and vegetable products and juices, snacks, soft candy and soups. PinnoThin is one of the more well-researched satiety products available on the market today for functional foods that a food company could include in its product lines. Lipid Nutrition, www.lipidnutrition.com, www.PinnoThin.com

* Coconut Water’s Versatility
Coconut water is a versatile choice as a low-calorie base for 100% juice blends. Concord grape juice, for example, can be reduced from 170 to 67 calories in a blend with coconut water. iTi Tropicals’ coconut water is the translucent, free-flowing liquid obtained from inside the coconut. Coconut water is nutritious, low in calories, fat-free and has no cholesterol. It is also a very good source of potassium and a good source of magnesium. Barely processed, containing no refined sugars and with only one ingredient on its ingredient list, coconut water can be safely labeled as 100% fruit juice. iTi Tropicals, www.ititropicals.com

* Insoluble Fiber Has Virtually No Calories
International Fiber Corporation is committed to helping the food industry reach its goal of cutting trillions of calories from food products by 2015, in order to reduce childhood obesity. Every calorie counts, and adding insoluble fiber to foods lets consumers begin reducing calories. Insoluble fiber--like IFC’s Solka-Floc and JustFiber products--is made up of parts of plant matter that humans cannot digest or absorb. Since bodies cannot digest it, insoluble fiber essentially has no calories. While insoluble fiber may not have any calories, it does possess many health benefits and is a key nutritional component of a healthy diet. International Fiber Corporation, Colleen Was, 888-698-1936, cwas@ifcfiber.com, www.ifcfiber.com

* MCTs for Weight Management Formulas
Choose the healthy fat for improved metabolism and nutrient delivery in weight management formulas.  Stepan Company’s structured lipids and specialty brand NEOBEE medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) provide the required functionality for food and beverage systems, with clinically supported efficient fat metabolism. Compared to conventional fats, MCTs yield greater energy expenditure by as much as 48% and 65% in lean and obese individuals, respectively. They are commonly used in liquid or dry blends for increased nutrient absorption, zero trans fat and low-calorie label requirements. Stepan Co., Food & Health Specialties, Emile Henein, 800-745-7837, food.health@stepan.com, www.stepan.com/en/markets/food_ingredients.asp

* Insoluble Fibers Help Portion Control
Many people who are cutting their calories feel deprived of the amount of food they usually eat. One can reduce calories and keep portion size the same by formulating with non-caloric insoluble fibers, like SunOpta’s Canadian Harvest Oat Fibers. Oat fiber can replace caloric carbohydrates, like flour and sugar, and also fat. In addition, barley beta-glucan concentrate is a soluble fiber shown to reduce hunger in over a dozen clinical trials. Barley Balance is the most concentrated source of barley beta-glucan produced by a natural and sustainable process. SunOpta Ingredients, Customer Service, 781-276-5141, soicustomerservice@sunopta.com, www.sunopta.com/ingredients

* Fiber Helps Burn Fat, Increase Satiety
Historically, carbohydrates have been vilified in weight management. One type of carbohydrateñRS2 resistant starch, a natural insoluble type of dietary fiberñis different. Hi-maize resistant starch, from National Starch, switches the body to burning fat; increases satiety, both short-term (several hours after meals) as well as long-term (up to 24 hours); and improves insulin sensitivity. Leading health magazines Prevention and Health have just published new books promoting resistant starch to consumers (The CarbLovers Diet and The Skinny Carbs Diet), based upon published studies with Hi-maize resistant starch. National Starch Food Innovation, Rhonda Witwer, 908-685-2742, rhonda.witwer@nstarch.com, www.foodinnovation.com

* Tools to Control Hunger, Carbs and Sugar
Pharmachem’s Three Phases of Weight Control address the many ways consumers gain weight, whether by over-eating, consuming too many starchy carbs, or eating or drinking too much sugar. Phase 1 Hunger Controller is a convenient family of easy-to-mix breakfast drinks clinically shown to promote appetite control and satiety with a one-per-day dose. Phase 2 Carb Controller has been shown to reduce the calories of dietary starches in over two dozen clinical studies. Phase 3 Sugar Controller has been shown to reduce the absorption of sugar by over 25%, as evidenced by both the serum glucose and insulin responses to sucrose. Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., 800-526-0609, info@pharmachemlabs.com, www.pharmachemlabs.com

* Help With Texture and Mouthfeel
Diets with reduced levels of total fat, trans fat and/or saturated fat have been shown to be nutritionally beneficial for various health conditions, including weight management. When fat is removed, a systems approach is often needed, where emulsifiers, texture modifiers, proteins, humectants, and specialized fats and oils are required to optimize the quality of a reduced-fat product. Univar Food Ingredients offers ingredients for such formulation challenges, including SPLENDID, a pectin that functions as a fat mimetic to provide mouthfeel and texture-enhancement in beverages, dairy products, sauces and dressings. Also, MP Lecithin YNî functions to provide accurate and efficient reduction of plastic viscosity and yield value for improved processing and molding in chocolate and compound products. Univar Food Ingredients, www.univarusa.com, www.univarcanada.com

General Health
Shoppers in the latest 2009 HealthFocus International Trend Reportî rate their overall health the highest since 2000. Yet, despite over half reporting their health to be extremely or very good, only a third consider themselves healthy and have no concerns about their lifestyle. A major barrier in their quest for a healthier way of life is the myriad other priorities that get in the way.

A record number of shoppers feel they have control over their health, which might stem from the high level of knowledge they report about health and nutrition topics. Diet clearly plays a role in why U.S. shoppers feel confident and in control; their primary reason for choosing healthy foods and beverages is for long-term health. Additionally, nearly everyone says their short-term health depends on how well they take care of themselves.

Also at an all-time high is the share of shoppers who agree that foods contain active components that can help in both short- and long-term health. Further emphasizing the functionality they attribute to diet is the strong belief that foods can be used to reduce reliance on drugs and other medical therapies.
--Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., HealthFocus International, www.healthfocus.com

* Reduced Acid and Color Concentrate
Pure juice concentrates filtered through a specially designed system that reduces acid and color, while maintaining a more consistent flavor than typical juice concentrate processes, are available from Northwest Naturals, a division of Tree Top. Juicex 100% juice concentrates have reduced acid and color, while maintaining most of the nutrient levels of the stated fruit. They can be labeled as reduced acid concentrate.î White grape, mixed juice, pear and pineapple are available. Northwest Naturals, Tree Top Ingredients,  www.treetopingredients.com

* Specialty Grains & Whole-grain Derivatives
A range of conventional and organic grains, such as oats, wheat, barley and rye, using the industry’s most advanced equipment and within the most stringent quality assurance standards, are offered by Grain Millers. Custom milling of specialty grains and whole-grain derivatives; a maximum level of packaging flexibility to meet customer needs; added value ingredients, including flours, flakes, brans and fibers; and high-tech processing, mean Grain Millers can meet or exceed customer demands for clean labeling, specific formulations or functional solutions. Grain Millers Inc., www.grainmillers.com

* Fiber Applications Abound
J. RETTENMAIER USA LP has over 130 years of experience promoting the VITACEL product line of functional dietary fibers. The applications of Vitacel Fibers range from increased fiber content, increased satiety, decreased calories, and increased shelflife and fat-reduction, with the potential for cost-reduction in technologically advanced food systems. Products include VITACEL Powdered Cellulose, Oat Fiber, Wheat Fiber, Potato Fiber, Pea Fiber, Sugarcane Fiber, Cottonseed Fiber, Apple Fiber, Orange Fiber, Corn Fiber, Psyllium, Methyl Cellulose (MC), Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) and Microcrystalline Cellulose. J. RETTENMAIER USA LP, Dan Inman, 269-679-2340, ext.110, dinman@jrsusa.com, www.jrsusa.com

* New Level of Nutrition
The Nutrivan line of vitamin and mineral pre-mixes aids in bringing a new level of nutrition to products. Start with an already developed blend targeted to specific health benefits, or allow Caravan Ingredients to create a completely customized blend made specifically to an application. Caravan Ingredients’ R&D staff has over 80 years of experience with fortification. Pair this knowledge with small batch-blending and in-house analysis capabilities, and any idea is within reach. Caravan Ingredients, Keith Clemens, 800-669-4092, info@caravaningredients.com

* Fortified Foods for Overall Health
Any nutrient for any application, anywhere in the world . . . that is the expertise Fortitech brings to a table when the company, essentially known as a founder and pioneer of the custom nutrient pre-mix industry, works with a product development team. As a growing number of consumers look to fortified functional foods and beverages to maintain their overall health and wellness, countless opportunities exist for manufacturers. By engaging Fortitech to aid in their product development needs, manufacturers save on labor, cost and testing, while creating products that capture the attention of consumers. Fortitech Inc., David Borisenok, 518-372-5155, info@fortitech.com, www.fortitech.com

* Increase Nutrition with Flax Seed
Looking for more nutrition in formulations? Consider fiber and flax seed products from Grain Processing Corporation (GPC). GPC’s line of TruBran ingredients makes it easy to increase dietary fiber levels.  TruBran F80T oat fiber is a creamy, bland, fine powder that has a minimum of 80% fiber. TruBran corn bran is golden in color and has a minimum of 75% fiber. GPC also offers Sterling Choice flax seed products. Adding Sterling Choice flax seed fortifies food with alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) omega-3 fatty acid and provides a source of fiber, protein and antioxidants. Grain Processing Corporation (GPC), Bob Bahn, 563-264-4281, food.sales@grainprocessing.com, www.grainprocessing.com

* Yeast Extract-based Salt Replacers
Three items are available from Savoury Systems’ standard line of yeast extract-based salt replacers: #0863, #0864 and #0866. While helpful to reduce the metallic notes found in other salt replacers, such as KCl, each product is better suited for different applications. #0863 is best used in seasonings and sauce systems, dosed at 1:3 ratio for both salt replacement and flavor enhancement. For beefy and spicy applications, #0864 is most effective. #0866, which works better in lighter flavored dishes, is better used in cheese and poultry products. Additional products are available for salt replacement, depending on the application and requirements. Savoury Systems International, 908-526-2524, www.savourysystems.com

* Potent Omega-3s
Arista Industries offers various high-quality potencies of omega-3 fish oil containing eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are used in functional foods, supplements and pharmaceutical preparations. Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for overall general health and have been known to help with heart health and lowering cholesterol levels, brain health, immune function, healthy child development, and developmental and psychiatric disorders. They have also been used for treatment of various diseases/disorders, such as arthritis and sore joints, circulatory problems, depression and sleep disorders, and have been looked at for cancer treatment. Arista Industries Inc., Mary Ann Siciliano, 203-761-1009, ext. 316, maryann@aristaindustries.com

* Natural Functionality
BENEO’s functional ingredients are derived from the natural sources chicory root, sugar beet, rice and wheat, providing nutritional, technical and health benefits. BENEO enables the development of products supporting weight management, digestive, bone and dental health, and giving energy for mental and physical performance. BENEO’s ingredients improve taste and texture of products. Replacing sugar and fat and enriching products with fiber and protein, they enhance nutritional values. They cover applications such as dairy, confectionery, bakery, cereals, baby food and beverages. BENEO GmbH, +49 621 421 150, contact@beneo.com, www.beneo.com

* Functional Database
BI Nutraceuticals supplies more than 200 GRAS ingredients for use in a wide range of functional beverages. The company has created an ingredient reference database that segments its GRAS offerings into 12 condition-specific, functional platforms, allowing customers to quickly and easily locate all ingredients the company offers to help manage a specific health concern. The functional categories include: Energy; Immunity; Digestive; Cognitive; Heart Health; Anti-Aging; Eye Health; Bone Health; Weight Management; Sleep; Calming; and Joint/Inflammation. BI Nutraceuticals, 310-669-2100, contact@botanicals.com, www.binutraceuticals.com

* Host of Health Benefits
Not many foods offer as many health benefits as the soybean. This high-protein, lower-carbohydrate, natural dietary replacement for animal protein can help reduce childhood obesity; promote weight loss and diabetes management; battle heart disease; lower cholesterol; provide heart-healthy fatty acids and reduce blood pressure; promote stronger bones; reduce menopausal symptoms; and lower the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer. US Soy provides a variety of both certified organic and non-GM soy food ingredients that provide both excellent nutrition and superb functionality in processed foods. US Soy, 217-235-1020, info@ussoy.com, www.ussoy.com

* Low-salt Solutions
Ingredients Solutions, supplier of carrageenan, offers a full line of carrageenan designed to help formulators restore texture and yields lost in reduced-salt meats and poultry products. Their kappa carrageenan products provide water-binding and texture improvement in low-salt, sliceable, cooked deli products, promoting the goal of lower sodium, reduced salt for cardiovascular health. The iota products provide moisture retention and yield improvement in all-natural, case-ready meat and poultry products, while retaining a natural texture. Ingredients Solutions Inc., Scott Rangus, 207-722-4172, info@IngredientsSolutions.com, www.IngredientsSolutions.com

* Smart Alternative
Puraslim, from Puratos, is a smart alternative to traditional shortening, butter and oil in bakery applications, such as rolls, pan breads and tortillas. Puraslim reduces the levels of saturated and total fat in baked goods by at least 50% and contributes to a more balanced calorific level. Puraslim has no impact on taste, as proven in consumer tests. A blind test between a traditional roll and a Puraslim roll showed no difference in taste preference. However, when information on the fat reduction was provided, consumer preference for the Puraslim roll was higher. For more information, visit www.puraslim.us.

* Cleaner Cake Emulsifiers
Today, cake factories are challenged by their customers to deliver high-quality cakes at low cost and, often, with a demand for more consumer-friendly labeling. Activated cake emulsifier Palsgaard SA6600 can meet this challenge by providing very simple labeling (two ingredients), in addition to a high degree of convenience, security and low cost. Palsgaard SA6600 is physically distributed in the batter, and as the energy input increases, the emulsifier builds an ideal emulsion and dispersion, achieving full performance. Palsgaard Incorporated, Rosa E. Regalado, 973-285-3299, rr@us.palsgaard.com, www.palsgaard.com

* Allergen-free Chocolate
Allergen-free organic chocolate products are manufactured in a facility which is absolutely free of any known allergens. Not only are the lines allergen-free, the entire plant is without dairy, nuts, gluten, grains, eggs, peanuts, seeds and cornónot even soy or soy lecithin is used in the facility. Contact CIRANDA for more information and samples of its organic and fair trade allergen-free chips, wafers, liquor and butter. CIRANDA-Innovative Organic Ingredients, 715-386-1737, info@ciranda.com, www.ciranda.com

* Nutritional Success
Century Foods International manufactures and markets dairy products and nutritional products under private label and contract manufacturing agreements for the food, sports, health and nutritional supplements industries. From R&D in state-of-the-art labs to superior manufacturing process and service capabilities, Century Foods helps its customers think big and succeed. Processes include blending, particle separation and sizing, instantizing, agglomeration, fluid bed drying, grinding and more. Century Foods International, 800-269-1901, info@centuryfoods.com, www.centuryfoods.com

* Unique Technique
Domino Specialty Ingredients’ discovery of co-crystallization and development of its Di-Pac product represents a revolution in the use of sugar as an excipient. The technique involves spontaneous crystallization of a supersaturated sucrose solution and a second ingredient by agitating it when cooling. This co-crystallization provides an agglomerated, sponge-like structure, with vastly increased surface area. The second ingredient is part of the structure’s matrix. Domino Specialty Ingredients, 800-446-9763, 410-783-9730, www.dominospecialtyingredients.com  NS