Good Culture®, the brand that helped shift the dairy aisle with its clean label cottage cheese and probiotic sour cream, launched Wellness Probiotic Gut Shots. A new category for Good Culture, the USDA organic shots combining the efficacious probiotics in cultured kefir with functional ingredients like turmeric, matcha, chaga, and collagen, mark the next chapter for the cultured foods brand.

Rich in probiotics and protein, kefir is a unique cultured dairy product that tastes like a tart, refreshing drinkable yogurt. Good Culture's gut shots start with a base of pasture-raised kefir that supports digestive health and boosts immunity, while rebalancing gut flora and improving digestion for superb wellness. The 50 billion live and active cultures are what give Good Culture's kefir its gut-friendly strength. Good Culture's newest star is lightly sweetened with sweet potato juice and coconut sugar (lower glycemic index) and contains no synthetic hormones, preservatives, gums, nor anything artificial. These wellness shots also come loaded with functional superfood ingredients like turmeric, collagen, matcha, and chaga.

Good Culture Wellness Probiotic Gut Shots are available in four varieties (3.4-ounce each):

• Pineapple + Turmeric to support brain function and joint health
• Vanilla + Collagen to strengthen hair, skin, and nails
• Chai + Matcha to create calm, focused energy for mind and body
• Chocolate + Chaga to boost energy and deepen immunity

Continuing with a real food and simple ingredient approach is top priority for this disruptive company that aims to make healing, real foods available to the masses without hurting the planet or animals. Met with acclaim since the brand's founding in 2015, Good Culture is dedicated to using only the finest, whole ingredients to craft its superfoods. In addition, Good Culture is committed to sourcing its milk from pasture-raised cows on sustainable family owned farms.