Consumers' attitudes toward food and nutritional products have greatly changed over the last century. At one time, food was fuel and medicinal products appeared in the form of elixirs and pills. Gradually--and with support from both researchers and regulatory bodies--attitudes and understandings have changed. Ingredients for functional foods and dietary supplements cannot be separated easily into neat, mutually exclusive categories. The following provides a showcase of ingredients currently commercially available. In the coming months, many more will be covered.

Running Mates: Phosphates and Calcium

Multi-functional phosphates help processors improve the texture, flavor and nutritional characteristics of food and beverage products. Astaris' calcium phosphates are one of the best sources of calcium for strong teeth and bones. For "heart-healthy" claims, Astaris offers the broadest line of potassium phosphates. Mag-nificent[r], a source of magnesium, works with other formulation ingredients to balance essential minerals in soy beverages, nutrition bars and other health and wellness products. Astaris LLC, Barbara Heidolph, 800-244-6169,,

Collagen, Policosanol, Extract and More

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2004, Cyvex Nutrition is an innovator in nutraceutical ingredients with a unique commitment to quality and service. Cyvex Nutrition is recognized in the industry for fine-quality innovative nutraceuticals such as ArthroColl[tm] (chicken collagen type II), BerryVin[tm] (high-ORAC berries), BioCosanol[tm] (policosanol), BioVinca[r] (high-quality vinpocetine), BioVin[r] (premium grape extract), BroccoPhane[tm] and BroccoSinolate[tm] (standardized broccoli powders) and LactoCalcium[r] (milk mineral calcium). Cyvex Nutrition, Charlene Lee, 949-622-9030,,

Fat and Sugar Replacer

ORAFTI offers ground-breaking nutritional and functional properties with soluble, all-natural RAFTILINE[r] (inulin), RAFTILOSE[r] (oligofructose) and Synergy 1. Healthy benefits include improved calcium absorption, "invisible� fiber enrichment and enhanced gastrointestinal health through prebiotics. RAFTILINE replaces fat, and RAFTILOSE replaces sugar in food, beverage and nutraceutical applications without adversely affecting taste or mouthfeel. RAFTILOSE Synergy 1 offers enhanced calcium absorption at lower use levels. Orafti, John Martin, 610-889-9828,,

Soy Protein Isolates Go Solo

Protient's non-GMO Soy Protein Isolate 6000 (SPI 6000) is water-filtered, not chemically precipitated, resulting in an undenatured isolated protein product very low in sodium. It is gaining widespread acceptance in powdered beverage mix applications because it gives formulators the opportunity to eliminate masking agents and reduce overall flavor costs. SPI 6000 also is great in applications like pasta, soup, fruit juice smoothies and ready-to-drink beverages. Protient Inc., Doug Clairday, 651-638-2600,,

Probiotic Tablet

Chr. Hansen introduces Probio-Tec[r] AB-tab-4 tablets, which contain clinically documented LA-5[r] Lactobacillus acidophilus and BB-12[r] Bifidobacterium and assist in strengthening intestinal microflora. The new tablet is a targeted delivery system that keeps the probiotic bacteria within a matrix that protects it against stomach acid. When the tablet reaches the small intestine, the live bacteria are released. The probiotic bacteria survive Chr. Hansen's unique, patent-pending tableting process. Efficacy and safety is based on strain research, published clinical studies, stringent QC and GMP. Chr. Hansen Inc. Jeannine Farro, 800-558-0802,,

DHA from Under the Sea

Martek Biosciences Corporation is an innovator in the research and development of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid. Martek's DHA omega-3 is highly purified oil from a patented, vegetarian source (algae). The DHA is ideal for food and beverage applications because it is stable; has a consistent composition; is free of environmental pollutants and toxins; will not compromise flavor, aroma or texture; and is safe for all consumers, including pregnant women and children. Martek Biosciences Corp., 888-652-7246,

Servicing GI

GTC Nutrition announced that New Natureal GI (glycemic index) will accompany the Natureal line of all-natural, oat-soluble fiber enriched with oat beta-glucan. Natureal GI, an oat bran concentrate, is effective in helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Natureal is made from pure non-GMO Scandinavian oats and is specially milled without the use of chemicals or solvents, leaving the structure of the oat beta-glucan unchanged. A traceability system is used to verify origin and quality of the oats, providing a minimum of 15% beta-glucan (AOAC 995.16) and 35% dietary fiber. Natureal products are a healthy addition to nutrition bars, breakfast cereals, snacks, pasta, meal-replacement and sports nutrition products, breads and supplements. GTC Nutrition, 800-522-4682,

Extracting Grape Rewards

Kikkoman, an industry leader in soy sauce, recently has introduced another revolutionary product for industrial manufacturers--Gravinol[r], a grape seed extract. Specially for products ranging from processed foods, like cereals and beverages, to dietary supplements, cosmetics and pet food, Gravinol is offered in three different forms: Gravinol-N, Regular Grade (>=40% TF); Gravinol-T, Beverage Grade (>=28% TF); and Gravinol-S, Premium Grade (>=95% TF). Gravinol harnesses naturally occurring antioxidants containing proanthocyanidins, which have proven to have a positive health benefit. It also prevents the oxidation of foods. Kikkoman International Inc.,

Heart and Joint Health

Chondroitin has been identified as a solution to help promote healthy joints. Cargill's OptaFlex[tm] natural chondroitin has been self-affirmed GRAS, making it appropriate for food use. CoroWise[tm] plant sterols for heart health and Oliggo-Fiber[r] inulin are also available from the supplier. An alliance between Cargill and MGP Ingredients for the production and marketing of a new resistant starch product called Fibersym[tm] HA has been announced. Formerly known as the MGPI FiberStar[tm] brand, the new product delivers more than 70% dietary fiber. The resistant starches, derived from high-amylase corn, greatly reduce net carbohydrate levels in foods. Applications cover a wide variety of products, including breads and other baked goods, tortillas, breakfast cereals, snack products and nutritional bars. Cargill Food and Pharma Specialties, Dorothy Peterson, 219-473-2213,,

Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee beans are a good source of natural polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. Green coffee is less processed than traditional roasted coffee, and many of these antioxidants, which are destroyed during conventional roasting, are retained. Antioxidants found in coffee have been linked to decreased cancer risk, prevention of gallstones and decreased risk of developing Type II diabetes. OxyPhyte[r] Green Coffee Extract is standardized to chlorogenic acid. In human studies, the chlorogenic acid in coffee has been shown to reduce the amount of carbohydrates absorbed in the body, making it a potential ingredient for weight-loss and bodybuilding formulas. RFI Ingredients, Ellen Schutt,,

Colorless Cyclodextrin

Wacker Specialties offers a large range of GRAS cyclodextrin products under the Cavamax[r] name. The company's technology is increasingly used for stabilizing ingredients against heat, oxidation and for taste or odor masking. Its products include Cavamax W6, a new colorless soluble dietary fiber with convincing properties and Cavamax CoQ10, a highly bioavailable CoQ10 powder. Other products include OmegaDry[r] Cranberry and OmegaDry 1510, high-quality berry oil and DHA/EPA powders, as well as complexes of flavors, antioxidants, dietary supplements and custom-tailored formulations. Wacker Specialties, Helmut Reuscher, 517-264-8794,,

Fortifying with Phytosterol

Adding phytosterols to food and beverage formulations without affecting flavor or texture can be challenging. Eugene Science has developed a line of phytosterol powder and liquid ingredients that are ideal for beverages and a variety of food products, including milk, soymilk, juices, functional beverages and yogurts. By way of a new agreement, ADM will begin marketing Eugene Science technology as part of the CardioAid[tm] family of phytosterols. The product contains 50% sterols and does not sustain any negative effects from heat or degradation from storage. ADM also produces a great variety of isoflavone supplement products sourced from both PCR negative and identity-preserved, non-GM soybean varieties. ADM offers isoflavones in concentrations from 20% to 70%, in products specially compounded to facilitate handling and tableting. ADM, Carl Hart, 217-424-5200,

Tomato Phytonutrients

LycoRed Natural Products Industries Ltd., manufacturer of LycoMato[r] tomato lycopene complex for dietary supplement applications, is introducing LycoMato Powder, developed especially for fortification of food products. LycoMato Powder can add the health benefits of lycopene to a wide range of food products including baked goods, cereals, processed meats, soy/veggie burgers, sauces and dips, smoothie beverages, dairy products and more. LycoMato Powder provides lycopene and an array of other natural tomato phytonutrients. LycoRed Natural Products Industries Ltd., Dave Thomas, 608-783-0872,,

Lactose-free Whey Proteins

The free amino acids in MILEI's Milacteal 80L are ideal for infant food. Milacteal 80L also is useful in applications or recipes for people suffering from lactose intolerance. MILEI is an ISO 9001/14001-approved supplier of various whey and milk protein concentrate products offering the best German technology to the world protein market since the mid-1970s. MILEI supplies high-quality protein products that offer superior nutritional and functional attributes. The products are highly regulated and controlled, to assure the highest consistency and quality available to the food industry. MILEI GmbH, David H. Brown, 614-855-2331,

Extracting Taste

PL Thomas & Co. Inc. offers water-soluble and (virtually) tasteless calcium and magnesium lactate gluconates for fortified products where taste or solubility is critical. The company also supplies fruit extracts, like high-ORAC MegaNatural[r] Gold Grape Seed Extract, popular pomegranate fruit extract, and a full line of cranberry products including: NutriCran Bio 100[tm] (100% cranberry), NutriCran AO[tm] (high ORAC) and NutriCran 90[tm]. Many other fruit extracts are available as standard products. PL Thomas & Co. Inc., Paula Nurnberger, 973-984-0900, ext. 214,,

Egg-stensive Applications

Parmalat Canada's Eggstend[r] provides a cost-effective alternative to liquid, frozen or dried whole eggs. Eggstend is an all-dairy egg replacement powder made from whey protein concentrate that provides the functionalities of whole eggs without the handling issues and volatile pricing. Eggstend currently is being used to replace whole eggs in bakery products, fresh pasta, salad dressings and many other products. Parmalat Canada, 877-891-0811,

Green Tea and Iron

Suntheanine[r] (L-theanine), a unique amino acid found in green tea which promotes relaxation without drowsiness; Sunphenon[r], high-grade green tea catechins; and SunActive[r] Fe are innovative ingredients developed by Taiyo to further develop the body's ability to protect and manage one's health. SunActive[r] Fe is a super-dispersed ferric pyrophosphate that provides a non-irritating iron fortification with superior bioavailability and no precipitation, iron flavor or change in color. Taiyo, Scott Smith, 763-398-3003,,

Stable Tolerant Iron

Albion Advanced Nutrition, a premier mineral amino acid chelate manufacturer, is the exclusive provider of Ferrochel[r] Iron. This patented iron form, known chemically as ferrous bisglycinate chelate, has been shown to provide high bioavailability, superior GI tolerance, less reactivity (greater stability) and the organoleptic properties that provide for utilization in a wide range of food and pharmaceutical products. Ferrochel Iron has Kosher-Parve, FCC and Codex Alimentarius status and is GRAS for all applications. Albion Advanced Nutrition, Max Motyka, 800-222-0733,,

Fruit Fibers Cut Down Calories

Herbacel AQ Plus fruit fibers are highly effective, low-calorie filling ingredients that offer several benefits, such as replacing starch or protein, due to its high water-binding ability of about 20g/g fiber. When used in a process with high shear, the fiber mimics fat, thanks to its creamy consistency. Furthermore, the cold-swelling properties of Herbacel AQ Plus fruit fiber make it an easy-to-handle ingredient, but also an ideal ingredient for instant products. Herbstreith & Fox Inc., Frank Mattes, 914-345-9501,,


Guidelines on the Cultivation of Medicinal Plants

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new guidelines for the cultivation, collection and harvesting of medicinal plants. The guidelines guarantee safeguards for patients and protect biodiversity by preventing the future extinction of certain medicinal herbs. The Italian company Indena chose to use Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to ensure their botanical derivatives meet the required quality and safety standards. Since 1994, Indena has made great strides toward the cultivation of the immunostimulant Echinacea angustifolia, a typical American prairie plant, the harvesting of which often has been limited in the U.S. Indena USA Inc., 206-340-6140,; WHO, agricultural.shtml


Sowing Your Oats

All-natural, concentrated oat bran provides 10 times the cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber found in regular oat bran. Research indicates that beta-glucan may lower total cholesterol levels from 5% to 22%. The FDA currently specifies 3g of oat beta-glucan per day, as part of a healthy diet, to help lower cholesterol. Two OatVantage servings provide 1.5g of oat beta glucan. OatVantage contains more than 54% beta-glucan by weight, the highest concentration available on the market. The water-soluble ingredient is appropriate for encapsulation and tableting semi-solid and solid foods and beverages, functional foods, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. Nurture Inc., Gregory J. Stephens, 610-989-0945,,


All Bulk No Sugar

STA-LITE[r] polydextrose is a premium, low-calorie bulking agent used to provide body, texture and mouthfeel in reduced-calorie and low-calorie foods. STA-LITE polydextrose can replace all of the sweetener and part of the flour solids in those foods. It also can replace fully caloric bulking agents. It is non-sweet, provides only one Kcal per gram and is functionally compatible with a wide range of other ingredients, including nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, starches, fats, hydrocolloids, cellulosics and flavorants. Tate & Lyle, John Browning, 800-526-5728,,


Reducing Risks

Although the industry increasingly provides foods and ingredients that address health issues such as diabetes, heart and bone health, delivering products that reduce the risk of various cancers has been slower in development. Here are a few that have entered the scene.

The FDA is reviewing a petition, submitted by The Solae Company, based on 58 studies supporting the relationship between the consumption of soy protein-based foods and the reduced risk of developing certain cancers. The company worked with external experts in the field, and meta-analyses were conducted. Numerous studies indicate a diet rich in soy protein has several heart health benefits. The evidence was compelling enough for the FDA to approve in 1999 a health claim (also spearheaded by Solae) stating “25g of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.� The Solae Company, Debra Miller, 314-982-3087,,

NutriGrad[tm] is an activated-powder complex of lignan phytoestrogens (6%) and ALA Omega-3 (7%) integrated within the natural, antioxidant-rich, protective matrix of flaxseed hull. The seicoisolariciresinol diglycoside (SDG) lignans of flaxseed are the subject of considerable research investigating their ability to intervene in cancer, coronary heart disease and women's and men's health conditions. Alpha-linolenic acid, the omega-3 oil found in flaxseed, is an important structural lipid for skin and healthy cellular membranes and, in humans, a metabolic precursor to the long-chain omega-3s, EPA and DHA. Pizzey's Milling USA, Daniel Best, 847-775-1400,,

Lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes, may be able to reduce the size and incidence of fibroid tumors based on an animal study presented April 17, 2004, at the annual Experimental Biology meeting held in Washington. Fibroid tumors are benign tumors of the uterus that affect millions of women. Several observational and clinical studies have demonstrated that lycopene supplementation may prevent or slow the progression of prostate cancer. The lycopene for the study was provided by DSM Nutritional Products Inc., 800-526-0189,

Blue light is just as damaging to eyes and skin as UV light. At a 2004 IFT press conference, scientists described recent GRAS recipient FloraGLO brand lutein, a natural carotenoid (purified extract from petals of marigold flowers), as an "internal pair of sunglasses." It helps protect human skin and eyes from free radicals that cause skin cancer and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Not only do certain serving sizes reduce the risk of AMD by 53%, but a case study reported that it improves visual acuity. Kemin Foods, Craig Maltby, 515-248-4037,,


Up, Up and Assay

Great nutritional and medicinal products are difficult to develop without great analytical support. Outside laboratory services range from chemical and microbial analysis to sensory and safety determinations.

One contract laboratory, rtech Laboratories, offers microbiology and chemistry testing, nutrition labeling, sensory evaluation, pilot plant, contract manufacturing, library and regulatory-compliance services. The lab is ISO 9001:2000/17025-accredited, staffed with highly trained professionals, and incorporates the latest approved methodology from AOAC, AOCS, AACC, USDA and FDA. Company sensory services include difference testing, acceptable testing, descriptive analysis and consumer guidance testing. The pilot plant produces batch runs in many product categories, including spray drying and thermal processing. Alecia Dotterweich, 651-481-2270,,

Medallion Laboratories, a division of General Mills Inc., has provided the food industry with quality analytical services for over 29 years. It specializes in nutritional labeling, vitamin and mineral assays, microbiology and physical testing, pesticides and shelflife studies. New expertise includes inulin, polydextrose, acrylamide and antioxidant activity. Technical customer service provided by Medallion's staff of qualified chemists and scientists makes it unique to the industry. Medallion Laboratories, 763-764-4453,,